Zombie Queen Saga … Continued

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AaronZC Zombie Queen Saga ... Continued


Chick Fight!

by Aaron Patterson

Kate ran as fast as she could but one leg refused to work like it should. Shooting a look over her shoulder, she saw Ang pop an eyeball into her mouth. It burst and eye juice shot out of her chin.

Was that a smile?

Kate wondered if Ang liked being a zombie, or was it the food? She never imagined human brains and flesh could taste so good, it gave her cramps just thinking about it.

The horde converged in the alley. Kate rounded the corner and caught Mirko leaping across the rooftops with something on his back.

The Zombie Queen.


So, she was hitching a ride, what a loser.

Something ran into Kate from behind and she turned to see Ang gaping at her.


All she had were her thoughts but somehow the others could hear or understand what she wanted. She could not hear anything but moans and grunts from other zombies, but they obeyed her without question. It was nice to have a little army at her command, especially when it came to hunting Ashley.

Nothing, just hungry…I bet. Let’s just get everyone to the meeting place and then we can eat, we can all eat!

Kate gave the order and the horde lumbered down the street toward a large shoe factory. Was it on purpose that she chose this as the final resting place of the wench of a human known as the Zombie Queen? No, it was perfect; she could die surrounded by her precious stilettos.

The gutted out factory had fifty-foot arches with broken-out glass letting in fragmented light. The concrete floor was littered with debris, and standing in a semi-circle was the Mirko clan. All sixty-two of them. Cold, without expression, and deadly… to anyone who was not already dead, that is.

“Let me go…what is this?” Ashley squirmed and swore at Mirko but he seemed unimpressed.

Kate walked forward and her horde let her through like Moses parting the waters. This was it, the moment she had waited for, dreamed about for the last three years.

Kate heard Ashley gasp and Mirko shoved her forward and she tripped and hit the ground hard. “Here she is… we held up our part.”

Kate nodded and she reached for a hanging wire with a box on the end. It had a red and green button. She pressed the green button and two huge doors in the floor off to the left groaned and popped as they opened.

That’s when the screams came.

If zombies were good at anything it was herding. This group of a hundred or so humans did not take long to gather and the Vamps were so thirsty that it took only seconds for all the humans to be sucked dry.

Mirko jumped up out of the pit and wiped blood from his lips. He sucked each finger making sure to get all the blood off, and a smile took the corner of his mouth.

“Well done.”

“You will never get away with this!” Ashley was seething. “I’ll kill every last one of you!”

Marco threw his head back and laughed. “You are the Zombie Queen, not the Vampire Killer.”

“I am a quick study, blood sucker!” She was in attack mode, and as the Vamps emerged full and happy they made a ring around Kate and Ashley. Vamps and zombies stood side by side as the two arch enemies faced off.

“Let’s finish this meat bag!” Ashley hissed.

Ang (Angeline Kace) as the eyeball eating zombie chick…
Kate (K.C. Neal) the evil VILLAIN!
Ashley… shhhyea that’s me!

Another cliffhanger???? Will the suspense NEVER end???? *sigh* No worries my favorite Brunette Zombie lovers, Aaron PROMISED the end will be revealed next week!!! Just like an author right??? Continued

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 Zombie Queen Saga ... Continued
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 Zombie Queen Saga ... Continued

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  1. You’re a STAR character! Lucky!!!

  2. Tina says:

    That was great…and I love the big dude at the top with the bookish brunette zombie slayer…..;)

  3. Aaron says:

    Hee hee…I feel a chick fight coming on!!!

  4. How much more awesome can you be girlie? I mean getting to star in these stories. SWEET!

  5. This totally rocks!! I love this!! Zombie Queen is obviously going go all bad ass and win!!!

  6. Ah! I am absolutely loving the Zombie Queen saga. :D

  7. Jen says:

    There needs to be a whole lot more naked sexy vampire. JS. Also, Ashley is SOOOOO going to kick the horde’s ass AND Mirko’s. Vile Betrayer!

  8. Felicia says:

    DUDE another cliffy?

    You are killing me here!

    I mean seriously I become viscous after awhile :)

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