Zombie Craze 2011

Zombie Craze 2011 was an EPIC ZoMbIe event that featured Guest Posts, Interviews, Giveaways and Reviews of all things ZoMbIeS, ZoMbIeS, ZoMbIeS from June 18, 2011- July 10, 2011!

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Featured/guest posted/interviewed were:

Jonathan Maberry, Lia Habel, Rusty Fischer, Carrie Harris, Amanda Ashby, Stacey Jay, Daniel Waters, Adam Selzer, Jesse Petersen & Diana Rowland


Zombie Craze 2011 Posts:


Favorite Books of Zombie Craze:

EatSlayLove Zombie Craze 2011Zombie Zombie Craze 2011

Zombie+Queen Zombie Craze 2011R%2526R Zombie Craze 2011

Zombie Craze 2011

siggy Zombie Craze 2011

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 Zombie Craze 2011
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 Zombie Craze 2011

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