The Trouble With Fate – Character Interview: Hedi Peacock

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The Trouble With Fate (Mystwalker #1) by Leigh Evans

Published: 12/24/2012 by St. Martin’s Paperbacks

My name is Hedi Peacock and I have a secret. I’m not human, and I have the pointy Fae ears and Were inner-bitch to prove it. As fairy tales go, my childhood was damn near perfect, all fur and magic until a werewolf killed my father and the Fae executed my mother. I’ve never forgiven either side. Especially Robson Trowbridge. He was a part-time werewolf, a full-time bastard, and the first and only boy I ever loved. That is, until he became the prime suspect in my father’s death…

Today I’m a half-breed barista working at a fancy coffee house, living with my loopy Aunt Lou and a temperamental amulet named Merry, and wondering where in the world I’m going in life. A pretty normal existence, considering. But when a pack of Weres decides to kidnap my aunt and force me to steal another amulet, the only one who can help me is the last person I ever thought I’d turn to: Robson Trowbridge. And he’s as annoyingly beautiful as I remember. That’s the trouble with fate: Sometimes it barks. Other times it bites. And the rest of the time it just breaks your heart. Again…

 The Trouble With Fate   Character Interview: Hedi Peacock  The Trouble With Fate   Character Interview: Hedi Peacock

So Hedi… what’s been going on since the night the portal opened? 

I’ve read a few good books, I’ve dodged a few difficult Were meetings (those guys can drive you insane with their ‘he peed on my bush’ issues) and I can proudly report that I haven’t stolen a single thing.
Well, except a hedge trimmer from Home Depot…

Being a Mystwalker, have you ever considered the option of going rogue and using your talents to do evil? 

Evil? I’d have to spend time up in Threall to do that. And look how well that turned out.

You’ve spent a lot of years burying your Inner-Were… Would you still bury her for good if it meant losing Bridge? 

I can only be what I understand myself to be.

Is there anyway for Merry to be freed from her amulet prison? 

I hope so. I’ll go to my grave trying to find a way to liberate her from that hell. I owe her that, and so much more.

Did your Aunt Lou trap Merry specifically? Or would any Asrai have been sufficient? 

I’m not sure. I did ask Merry one night, but she wouldn’t answer—she tightened up like a hedgehog and then went silent on me for two straight days—so I never asked her again. (You know, Merry’s never my possession. She’s my friend and some questions are just off limits, even between bffs.)

And yeah, I know—the obvious thing would been to ask Lou. But Lou wasn’t the sharing type of person. Besides, I didn’t trust her around Merry. Best to keep a line drawn between those two.

Have you given up ever finding Lexi?

Never. Strongholds hold.

Given your current circumstances, do you still feel more Fae than Were? 

Fae.  Nothing could underline the difference more than watching a bunch of naked people turn into a pack of howling, snapping wolves.

Since you finally let your Were out to play… Do you expect you’ll change at the next full moon? 

No. I won’t allow myself. It could be dangerous. For me. For my Fae. And yes, probably for the wolves of Creemore.

This or that:

Books or TV…

Definitely books. My Fae magic plays havoc with cable.

Tater Tots or French Fries…

I don’t eat vegetables. Now if you asked me Skittles or fudge, the answer would be “Skittles” because fudge melts in your hands while Skittles melts in your mouth.

Patrick Swayze or Patrick Dempsey

Who the hell is Patrick Swayze?

*BB faints and DIES* … and I thought Hedi and I were like vodka and ice dude… *sigh* Nobody puts Baby in the corner. 

Patrick Swayze The Trouble With Fate   Character Interview: Hedi Peacock  alg dirty dancing patrick swayze jennifer grey jpg The Trouble With Fate   Character Interview: Hedi Peacock

Summer or Winter

Summer is difficult because of the humans and their damn grills. The smell of barbequed steak drives my inner-Were insane.

Theoretically that should make the default answer ‘winter’, but cold weather means hats and those things make the points of my ears ache.

I guess the answer is neither of the above. Though, if you really want to know, my favourite season is spring. Because that’s when Trowbridge walked into my Starbucks.

Just one more… Where can I get an amulet with Merry’s abilities?!?! icon smile The Trouble With Fate   Character Interview: Hedi Peacock

Dial 411-Asrai

(Can you tell I’m a tad enthralled by Merry? Lol!)

Yup. You’ve got that gleam in your eye. Just give me a second to slip Merry into my bra.

There you have it book lovers! Hedi Peacock in all her glory… and SHAME for the Swayze debacle! icon wink The Trouble With Fate   Character Interview: Hedi Peacock I SUPER loved The Trouble With Fate – keep a look out for my review in the next couple of days!

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 The Trouble With Fate   Character Interview: Hedi Peacock
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 The Trouble With Fate   Character Interview: Hedi Peacock

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11 Responses to The Trouble With Fate – Character Interview: Hedi Peacock

  1. John says:

    Patrick Swayze is win (Roadhouse, anyone?) but he didn’t look too great as a woman…still, r.i.p Mr S…this book sounds a whole lot of fun and very very interesting…have to go on my ‘to read’ list’…thank you BB :)

  2. Loved this interview and this book sounds great!! Though she totally failed when she asked who Patrick Swayze was. And now I must watch Dirty Dancing. I have the special collectors edition with like 30 hours of extras and haven’t watched any of the extra stuff yet. ;)

  3. I have an innner-were bitch too and not nearly as good excuse. WHAT? I guess she is young for PS but that just means she needs some film therapy STAT!

  4. There is NO excuse to not know Swayze! The internet, netflix, NO EXCUSE! ;)

    Btw, I dialed 411-Asrai and there was no such number… ;)

  5. Denise says:

    Crud. I tried the 411-Asrai number too. I may have reached my local tarot center. Not sure. They’ve been calling a lot this afternoon, though.

    Great interview. I’ll trust you to see to Hedi’s PS education pronto. Some things can’t be left alone too long. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go bust a move in front of the TV while watching the movie and reciting all of Jennifer’s lines. (ahem) Yeah…

  6. Rhonda D says:

    I can’t wait to read this book. I love me some snarky heroines!

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