The Bookish Brunette, The Unread Reader & Adam Selzer… Zombies vs. Vampires

I’m totally cheating… and starting Zombie Craze early. What dude? Sue me! 
 The Bookish Brunette, The Unread Reader & Adam Selzer... Zombies vs. Vampires
You all know my fav blogger chick Missie @ The Unread Reader (what? If you don’t, this is something you must rectify immediately because even though she is 100% Team Vampire… she still rocks my face off.) Well, Missie and I have an ongoing ‘debate’ of sorts about which paranormal variety is more awesome. And she put this little gem of a button on her blog the other day with the caption, For Ashley (The Bookish Brunette)” <—- Gotta love her right? *ahem*

 The Bookish Brunette, The Unread Reader & Adam Selzer... Zombies vs. Vampires 
Of course you all know MY opinion… I’m TEAM ZOMBIE all the way! I mean really, there is NO other way to go! Missie really needs to see reason here! Vampires are so over… Zombies ARE the new ‘it’ paranormal and the sooner she realizes it, the better off she’ll be. *sigh* Loves to my favorite chick!

I have Adam Selzer here, the author of I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It and I believe HE says it all… so I’ll leave it to him:

 The Bookish Brunette, The Unread Reader & Adam Selzer... Zombies vs. Vampires
Kids, I’m here to talk to you about something very important.

Over and over, I’ve seen books where deciding to become a zombie, or even a vampire, is used as a sort of metaphor for deciding to have sex for the first time. I think we need to clear a few things up.

First of all, if you have sex, you probably won’t die. You MIGHT, but you probably won’t. If you take all the necessary precautions, odds are you won’t even screw up your life. Again, you MIGHT, but you probably won’t.

And even if you DO, it’ll all be over soon. You won’t live more than seventy or eighty more years. Maybe ninety, if you’re lucky.

Become a vampire, and you’ll not only die for sure, you’ll be wrecking your life for a whole lot longer.

Now, becoming a zombie is one thing: you will definitely die in the process, but you probably won’t be living with your mistake for too long. I don’t think too many zombies last very long before falling apart or running afoul of a hillbilly with a machine gun (one thing I’ve learned is that some people are HIGHLY offended by books in which zombies are portrayed as anything more than an excuse to play with firearms).

But becoming a vampire is something else. Not only will you definitely die in the process, but you’re screwing up your life for a whole lot longer than you possibly could with sex. If you’re not smart enough to avoid vampire hunters, other vampires with a bone to pick, or whatever it is who kills vampires in your world, you might still die within decades, but otherwise, you could be living with your decision for MILLIONS of years. Billions, even. And if you’re the kind of vampire who just sparkles in the sunlight, rather than burning up and dying in it, what will happen a few billion years from now when the Earth is swallowed up by the sun? You’ll just be sparkling along through space, unable to feed, for millions and millions of years. It is going to SUCK.

Vampires and zombies are fun in books, but becoming one in real life isn’t just wrong –  it’s dead wrong.

But if you MUST go with one or the other, go with a zombie. Your afterlife will be less drawn-out, and you don’t have to worry about what’ll happen if you’re making out and your significant other forgets about having super-human strength when he’s grabbing your butt.

For more information, log on to for a free brochure and some videos featuring vampire and zombie book authors that you know and trust.
~Adam Selzer

Ha! See? I obviously WIN… Now watch the awesome trailer for I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It!


Buy this book!

… and tomorrow a ZOMBIE AWESOME announcement… You don’t want to miss it! 
The OFFICIAL TWEET OF Zombie Craze 2011 is:
Hot tubbing, monkey loving, lawn flamingoing, ninja garbed, marshmallow flingers deserve to survive the Zombie Apocalypse too #ZombieCraze

(tweet this all day, everyday- because I LOVE it!)

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 The Bookish Brunette, The Unread Reader & Adam Selzer... Zombies vs. Vampires
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 The Bookish Brunette, The Unread Reader & Adam Selzer... Zombies vs. Vampires

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41 Responses to The Bookish Brunette, The Unread Reader & Adam Selzer… Zombies vs. Vampires

  1. Lea says:

    Hahahahaha– all I could do was picture sparkly Edward Cullen floating aimlessly through space :DSelzer definitely makes a good argument! Also, awesome book trailor, those pics were too funny… vamps do act way too Emo… OK, off to put this onto my TBR pile!!~Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland

  2. Marla says:

    LOL! Hilarious post. Love the team buttons and the public service announcement. :D

  3. So. Much. Fun. The book looks like a riot! Love it.

  4. Missie says:

    How would floating around in space suck? Vampires always adapt to their surroundings. And living with their mistakes isn't hard because.. No Souls, remember! LOL! Super fun post and great book trailer. Love the book title, too1 P.S. TEAM VAMPIRE!

  5. Alaiel Kreuz says:

    I wasn't a big fan of zombies… you see, until now I didn't have books about them so I couldn't like them or dislike them but now that I've started my blog I'm reading new books and let me tell you: I'm loving them! xDCan't wait to see Zombie Craze start! Hugs :D

  6. Rubita says:

    This is just so, so sad. The order of awesomeness goes: Werewolves, vampires, then zombies. Because a superhuman butt grab is so much better than kissing decaying flesh. Duh.

  7. LOL That made my morning. Thanks Adam (and you too, Ashley)!Still team vamp, though. :P

  8. Well, I would have thought that I would be team Vampire, but now I am thinking I am team zombie all the way! Love this post! So much fun!

  9. Mel says:

    One additional thing with zombies – they rarely have to hide who they are – while Vampires tend to pretend to be something they're not a lot of the time! LOve the post – love the badges! Historically I'm Team Vampire but zombies seem to be my latest favourite!!! Can't help thinking this craze is going to be soo much fun!

  10. Ashley says:

    I honestly died of laughter with this post. :D I definitely need to read I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It now! :)

  11. Definitely with Ash on this one! Zombies rule and…well, they drool too!

  12. cmd409 says:

    I love, love, LOVE zombies! I used to watch old zombie movies when I was little and people thought it was so weird. Whatever. BUT, I wouldn't want to be one. I'd rather be a vamp in outer space. Hmm… there's a book idea. lol

  13. This is just too fun! I'm not sure what team I am yet. But I'm leaning towards Zombies :)

  14. Rie Conley says:

    I can't imagine kissing a zombie, but it would certainly be a quicker non-dead life!

  15. Team zombie because we have balls well we do team vampire lost theirs with sparkle boy. Ugh vomit. Gonna go tweet that one like crazy.

  16. Book Sake says:

    Hah, love this post for the Zombie Craze. And yeah – I had to tweet that – probably the strangest and most fun tweet ever!

  17. Adam Selzer says:

    To be clear, I don't recommend becoming a zombie, either. Log on to for informative videos and a free brochure.

  18. Hi there,I'm heeRREEEeee!! I checked out Adam Selzer's page when Rusty listed some of his fave zombie authors. Adam is fun to read.Oh …looking up there's Adam. Fun CRAZE you have going on here. Zombies have grown on me thanks to Rusty..I was living in a Zombieless world and a tad frightened of them:DMichelle A.

  19. Um… go mermaids? ;D(psst… I do have to say… *oh snap!* You got Missie!) *giggles*

  20. Alyssa@Teens Read and Write says:

    Very funny – thanks! But not sure I'm convinced, mainly because if I had to choose, I'd look so much better as a vampire! Shallow you say? Nah!

  21. Amber says:

    This is an awesome article. Thanks for sharing it!

  22. This is a great idea Ashley! Lol. So much fun. Looking forward to the next few days :) Donna

  23. Let's see. They are both dead but at least the vamps only want your blood and zombies want to eat you. Mmmmm….."want to eat you" well some of the books I read the vamps wants to "eat" you too (wiggles eyebrows). I'd have to go with VAMPS.

  24. Alyssa says:

    Lol. Oh, Adam Selzer, you are too funny. Would really suck to be a sparkly vamp in the future. I'm not on either team though. I would need to read some more zombie books in order to make an informed decision.So, ummmm…. Go both teams! :-D

  25. GABY says:

    Well, I haven't thought about what was going to happen to vampires in the future, when probably all humans are dead and they can't find blood…Excellent post! I think I'll stay human ;)

  26. This book sounds like a lot of fun! I'm Team Vampire now but might change my mind by the end of the Zombie Craze! LOL

  27. Ana says:

    Sounds good the book!!!!Sometimes I am on vampire team but I prefer zombie team :-P

  28. This book sounds fun! Thank you for the post!

  29. Miss Lauren says:

    Yay! I am soo flippin excited for zombie craze! :)

  30. What about team unicorn? I'm still holding out…

  31. LOL super strength-ed butt grabbing? Ouch! This book is def on my tbr!

  32. Vivien says:

    If I hadn't already been converted I would be now!

  33. Gabbie says:

    Do you feel that? Its making me twitchy.. I think.. I think its the .. ZOMBIE CRAZE!!Okay so that was lame, I actually just had an itchy leg that I was trying to ignore – I failed.

  34. -Funny! I want to read that book now! And zombies are now taking over the world! Woohooo! :DxSierra

  35. Ann @Semisweet says:

    Ha ha awesomely convincing post from Adam, and it made me lol which is always a bonus. : )

  36. mewsicfreak says:

    What about the fairies? nobody ever pays attention to the fairies. Lol.

  37. Bella (Obsessed!) says:

    OMG – Adam Selzer is FUNNY!! :D

  38. Andra says:

    Bahahahah gotta love me some undead shambling hordes!

  39. Marjie Pride says:

    I love your Zombie Craze!

  40. Pabkins says:

    @flashlight reader – I've only ever liked The Last Unicorn. I saw maybe if the unicorn were a bit dark.As for Zombies or Vampires – why not both! I love it all. Unless the vampire is really a fairy as my friend Ange says.Off to read another post – I came so late to the game!

  41. Kelsa P. says:

    God, how did I miss this post!? *is still laughing*

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