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Thinking too Hard: Panties Twisted- Bloggers (Part 1)

Thinking too Hard: Panties Twisted- Bloggers (Part 1)

Alright, I just can’t not say anything ANYMORE. Book bloggers have gone FREAKING INSANE since the Story Siren went all grabby grabby plagiarist on everyone. And I GET it. Everyone is all up in arms, ready to throw the gauntlet over NOTHING. STOP IT. Just freaking STOP IT. The other day, I get an emailContinue Reading

BB Thinking Too Hard About: My Gag Reflex

This is the SECOND post I’ve written on this whole Story Siren/plagiarism situation… The first contained too many inappropriate words to actually be taken seriously. And at THIS point- I’m as serious as a freaking heart attack. You see, I may have promised my husband that I wouldn’t get “involved” in this ridiculous debacle ofContinue Reading

BB Thinking Too Hard about Twilight

BB Thinking Too Hard about Twilight

I feel like I should clarify something to everyone: I DID NOT HATE TWILIGHT. You can clearly see on my Goodreads shelves that every book in the Twilight series is rated a solid 5 stars! Hell if I’d have been REVIEWING books when they were released and I read them- who’s to say they wouldn’tContinue Reading

BB Thinking Too Hard about Book Covers

For those of you that are NOT yet aware… I am INDEED a cover whore… I know right? *shocked gasps of disbelief pass throughout the blogosphere* Now… We’ve ALL seen gorgeous covers (see below) I’m a fan of covers with people on them I suppose… But I also love covers like this: Just a randomContinue Reading

The Bookish Brunette… Thinking Too Hard

A Discussion Post! I know right???? Okay, so something’s been plaguing me… And seriously- THANK GOD my blog was down and out for all that author/publisher/blogger drama CRAP a few weeks back, I totally did NOT have the energy for all of that! I was stalking Aaron Patterson’s blog the other day and one ofContinue Reading

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