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Zombify Your Twitter Avi and WIN!

Zombify Your Twitter Avi and WIN!

The AWESOMELY and SUPER epic Rachel over at Fiktshun and I were coversating on twitter the other day when she said this: rachel clarke (@fiktshun) @Bookbrunette I love all your zombie avis! It makes me totally want my avi to be zombified. Which immediately led to this: Bookish Brunette (@Bookbrunette) @fiktshun OMG!!! I could holdContinue Reading

Indie Zombie Books I’m Stalking

Zombie books by Indie authors that I’ve been stalking for awhile now!!! Most I own, and need to read… some I don’t and need to GET IMMEDIATELY!!     Shannon Meyer‘s Zombie-ish Apocalypse series   Amanda Hocking‘s The Hollows series                     

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