Review: The Hungry by Steven Booth & Harry Shannon

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The Hungry

by Steven Booth & Harry Shannon

Published: 10/1/2011 by Genius Publishing

Meet Sheriff Penny Miller of Flat Rock, Nevada. Miller is the kind of woman who will do her duty no matter what. When a government experiment unleashes the undead, no matter what comes sooner than expected…

THE HUNGRY is a zombie thriller loaded with sex and smarts. A real nail-biter that brings a new weapon to bear in apocalyptic fiction: Hope. Highly recommended.
—Jonathan Maberry , New York Times bestselling author of Dust & Decay and Dead of Night

If you’re craving an apocalyptic horror novel that’s not just wall-to-wall action but balls-to-the-wall intense, Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon have cooked up a real treat for you. I would say THE HUNGRY will leave you totally satisfied, but that’s not true: Readers will be howling for more more more MORE just like the hordes of insatiable zombies rampaging through this book.
—Steve Hockensmith , Author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

The Bookish Brunette thought:

*gasp* Oh my god!! I was hooked from the freaking PROLOGUE…

At a military base in Nevada, a totally creeptastic guy, Lieutenant Albert is running some WICKED scary tests on, you know… humans… and ends up unleashing the WALKING DEAD after one of his “test subjects” reanimates on the autopsy table and bites an officer who then decided it BEST not to tell anyone what happened…

Sheriff Penny Miller- aka: the biggest, badass chick EVER, is sitting in her little office, when her deputy places a frantic call to her- claiming that ZOMBIES are decimating the town! Well, she’s now concerned that her deputy is armed and on patrol… Drunk as a skunk. UNTIL she sees the masses of undead swarming the station as he tries to make it to safety.

Ever the “responsible” type, she goes to let the PRISONERS out of their cells- because she can’t, in good consciousness, leave them there to be attacked by zombies! Four of them try and leave the jail before they realize it’s a lost cause… And barricade themselves inside to fight the zombies off and wait them out! Only TWO survive the night.

Penny barely makes it through the wreckage of her once quaint little town, to her EX-husbands house. She’s hardly ALIVE, and wondering how she’ll even make it from the car to the front door when she hears her ex-husband’s voice… Asking her 20 freaking questions!! To which she answers,

“I’m in a moderate level of distress at the moment.” God I freaking LOVE this woman and her ability to take sarcasm to a whole new level!

Terrell Lee nurses her back to health and tells her he’s ready to head out of town ASAP. Penny is clad in NOTHING but a Cowboys t-shirt… So it’s that, or take her chances with whatever is in the mystery box that ex-hubby pulled out of the garage! She opens the box, only to find… wait for it… HER FREAKING WEDDING DRESS! (At this point… I am DYING…) Apparently the dress was the only thing he felt was worth saving from their divorce- she is HORRIFIED!

“I can’t go out and do me some undead murdering while dressed like a red-state bitch on a reality show!”

They face biker gangs, the army, a crazy scientific creep… during the freaking zombie apocalypse… and she’s panty-less the ENTIRE time, WEARING her freaking wedding dress! Come on, it just does NOT get better than this! They find help where I never would have expected, and I think I have a crush on Scratch. icon wink Review: The Hungry by Steven Booth & Harry Shannon

The Hungry is so FULL OF AWESOME, that I can’t even describe it! It’s action-packed from the first PAGE and oozing with witty, fabulous dialogue! This book defines Laugh Out Loud funny… often inappropriate, rude and utterly epic sarcasm from a completely rock your face off chick!

Read this… Read this NOW! You won’t be sorry!

5 Stilettos Review: The Hungry by Steven Booth & Harry Shannon

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 Review: The Hungry by Steven Booth & Harry Shannon
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 Review: The Hungry by Steven Booth & Harry Shannon

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19 Responses to Review: The Hungry by Steven Booth & Harry Shannon

  1. Kate says:

    Sounds like an awesome read! Showed the book cover to the Hubs and of course he finds it hot. ;)

  2. StephanieD says:

    This sounds hilarious! Love the snarkitude of that Sheriff!

  3. This does sound so Epic! Plus, is it just me, or can everyone else see you as that kick ass chick in the photo if zombies ever try to take us down? You could so rock that look!Yep, needs to read this one!

  4. Giselle says:

    ooooh. You got me at Zombie!! This sounds great and I've never actually heard of it before!! GiselleXpresso Reads

  5. What a face stomping country loving kick assed review! Delighted you enjoyed the novel, we're on Kindle, Nook and up via iBookStore too.

  6. This sounds amazing. I need a new smartass heroine.

  7. Ooh. This sounds really good!

  8. a zombie book! yay! we need more of those!

  9. Aurian says:

    Sorry, did not read this, hate zombies. A snarky female sheriff is a good thing though.

  10. Wow def sounds like an awesome book!!! Awesome review as always!

  11. Rubita says:

    At least the wedding dress was worn more than once, right?

  12. Melliane says:

    I just love the cover ! It sounds like a great book. I really like the wedding dress thing. Thanks for the review, I will add it to my wishlist

  13. Kathy says:

    The cover is awesome and it sounds like a funny, but action packed read. Great review!

  14. Say no more, my Chica! I'm on it!Fab review!

  15. Shelagh says:

    Sarcasm + Zombies? I'm so there!ShelaghThe Word Fiend

  16. Book Sake says:

    Sounds like a lot of action and laughs, which = great!

  17. Missie says:

    Seriously, what zombie would take a girl dressed like a red-state bitch…er…seriously?Hehe. Sounds like a riot, in more ways than one. *be's a dork*

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