Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012

Monthly Wrap Up2 Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012

Monthly Wrap-Up is a status update of the past month and what I managed to get done/read and such!!!

February’s Favorite Read:

Shift M.R. Merrick Lo Res Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012


SHIFT (The Protector #2)
by M.R. Merrick
EPIC! Review: Shift

goodreads Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012


I read:

I reviewed:

Currently reading:

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…and Rachel @ Parajunkee’s View, Tori @ Book Faery, Tynga @ Tynga’s Reviews, Carmel @ Rabid Reads, Julie @ My 5 Monkeys, and…I made a vlog of EPICness:

Sh*t Book Bloggers Say



Current Giveaways:


Zombie Craze 2012 Updates

Oooooh the EPICness is freaking OUT of CONTROL… NO Joke! Since the last ZC 2012 update, A LOT has happened!!!

Authors include the awesome that is:

(Zombie Craze will ALSO be featuring the super awesome Aaron Patterson, with an extra EPIC… TOP SECRET SURPRISE!)

9859436 Monthly Wrap Up: February 201212043771 Monthly Wrap Up: February 201212806139 Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012

6718719 Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012heartzombiecover2 Monthly Wrap Up: February 201213501083 Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012
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 Blog Signature Ash Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012


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 Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012
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 Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012

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16 Responses to Monthly Wrap Up: February 2012

  1. Wow! You had a great month, especially with getting sick and everything. Zombie Craze sounds like it’s going to friggin rock! Can’t wait to see all the epic awesomeness!!

  2. This year’s ZC might finally turn me over to the dark side. It’s becoming so epic, I might be all “Vampires, who?” Gah! Now I’m so worried, I seriously don’t know if I should stick around for it. LOL

    Awesome Feb, chicka!

  3. Alyssa Kirk says:

    What a crazy busy month. I put Shift on my TBR and also can’t wait for zombie craze!

  4. Dude! Even sick you kicked ass! I think you deserve chocolate. And wasn’t Graffiti Moon awesome? I just absolutely loved how everything worked into each other and the whole breaking of the nose thing never ceased to make me giggle. It was just so beautiful. *sigh*

  5. Stephanie D. says:

    Look up “epic” in the dictionary and that video will surely be there as its definition :) And your zombie craze is gaining momentum – kudos!

  6. Man! You rocked Feb! I can’t wait for zombie craze. Can I has This is Not a Test now? Pweeeze? ;)

  7. I didn’t think your blog could get any cuter, but then you go and pull off an amazing NASCAR tribute. Hellz yeah!

  8. Candace says:

    Zombie craze is looking like it’s going to be pretty freaking awesome!

    Hey, I read Exiled and LOVED it! Now I’m dying to read Shift, I just have a few others to read first. So glad you’re one of those who reviewed it and convinced me I needed to pick it up!

  9. Alexa says:

    Looks like you got a lot done in Feb even though you were sick. See we all still love you and are sticking with you to the end of the Earth, or the zombie invasion, whichever happens first. :)

  10. LOL LOVED the video – So true :)

    Embrace looks awesome sauce :D

  11. How is EMBRACE?!?!?!

    YAY for Courtney participating in Zombie Craze! And I haven’t seen that one cover with the tattoo down the guys arm…I need to look into that one.

  12. Jenny says:

    You are a busy woman my friend! I think my favorite review of yours was the one for Graffiti Moon where you said you wanted to have 100 of Poet’s babies. That was amazing. And also, I thoroughly enjoy Twitter battling you for Ayden’s affections ;-) That is all.

  13. Wow!! You did AWESOME this month, Ashley! <3 Thanks to your amazing review on it, I have Shift on my TBR pile just after Exiled! And I'm cheering that you're reading Embrace — that book was so cool! Violet was frustrating sometimes but Lincoln & Phoenix??? Eeep!! Can't wait to read your review on that one too! ;)

    And LOL that video was just EPIC in all caps! Adooooooooored it!!!! It sounds like you had an amazing February, Ashley — I'm so pumped up to see what you'll be up to in March! <3

  14. I’ve yet to read a zombie book. However I am excited about ZC.

  15. omg, I want all six of those books. This I Not A Test sounds SO FREAKING GOOD. Can’t wait until May!

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