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Masquerade (Heaven and Hell #1)
By Cambria Herbert

From Goodreads:

Before. Everything was so much better Before. I wasn’t haunted by nightmares, my place at school was secure and my face was flawless. Now, I’m a freak and everything has changed. The worst part is that I can’t remember the night I was sentenced to the shadows. The memory has been stolen from me and I just can’t shake the feeling that someone, something is out there -watching.

Just when I think I have my life handled, Sam, with his intimidating golden stare and shiver inducing voice, makes me realize that I don’t know anything. He makes me see that my scars don’t matter. That they never mattered. I can’t help but fall for him, completely unknowing that he knows exactly how I got this way. Not knowing he was involved.


Heven has no idea how closely death stalks her. She has no idea what I have done to keep her alive. I fear the day she learns my secrets, finds out what I really am. But even then I cannot stop, I vow to make things right. Finally her hunter will be hunted, Heaven and Hell, faith and sin will battle, and we will be victorious. But first, Heven must learn to be what she never imagined. I know her strength is there – I feel it. If we are to overcome all odds, she must push past her flaws – her frailties – to become much more.

goodreads Masquerade Read Along (Week 1)


*just realized we were posting these on Thursdays… Sorry guys! xoxo*

Discussion Questions by Stephanie at Five Alarm Book Reviews
Chapters 1-8

1. If you were disfigured like Heven (by some sort of accident) do you think you would have reacted the same way as her? (loss of self confidence, hiding yourself, etc)

Absolutely. I can guarantee that I’d go into a severe depression. Thus is the reality of an extremely vain Brunette.


2. Do you think that Kimber’s plan for revenge against Cole (for kissing another girl) is a good idea?

Being that they’re in high school… sure. High school is for messing around, making mistakes and hopefully learning from them. But really… WTF? Why would Cole think it was okay to kiss the *biotch* – bet or no bet?!?! And I was definitely getting some “vibes” from him toward Heven! Right?! Tell me I’m not the only one!


3. In the beginning chapters, Heven is very drawn to Sam but won’t admit it due to her own insecurities. Kimber begins to “date” Sam… do you think that Heven should have spoken up? Do think Kimber should have seen Heven’s real feelings?

Heven didn’t speak up because of her insecurities… Kimber is all she has left and I think that leaves her in a perpetual state of vulnerability to others.

I don’t know that Kimber “should” have seen it… she had one thing on her mind- and that was to make Cole jealous.


4. Masquerade is broken in four separate POV’s: Heven, Sam, The Hate and The Hope. Do you think having multiple POV’s adds depth to the story? Why or why not?

Well I’ve yet to see Sam… but so far The Hate and the Hope are EXTREMELY interesting ‘characters’ for me!!! And Haven, herself, is just so heartbreaking. I just want to hug her!


5. A great source of strength for Heven is her grandmother. Who do you think yours is/would be?

Ooooh GREAT question… um… I don’t know actually. I don’t often depend on other people, but I guess I’ll take the easy way out and say my husband.


Masquerade Read Along ; April 1-April 28

Read Along Schedule

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 Masquerade Read Along (Week 1)

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5 Responses to Masquerade Read-Along (Week 1)

  1. Jen says:

    OMG! You and me were the only 2 who were pro the revenge and that Cole was an ass. LOL! I love it. And I was totally picking up on the vibes for Heven.

    And I agree with you, Heven didn’t speak up because of her own insecurities and she felt like if she did she was going to hurt her friend. And I seriously would never have noticed if I was Kimber. I’m kinda a bitch though. LOL!

  2. LOVED your answers!!!!! The reality of a “vain Brunette” (lmao, by the way) is very perceptive…. I think you might have Cole’s number… all I can say is that something may or may not be up with Cole….. I know I am very forthcoming aren’t I??

    I like that you are pro revenge!!! lol. Of course revenge usually ends badly but hey – sometimes its fun and you nailed it on the head when you said that’s what high school is for. To make mistakes and to learn from them!

    Thanks so much for being part of the Read along and no worries about the post I am just so glad you posted because I had so much fun reading your answers!!! ;-)

  3. Heidi says:

    I loved your answer for the first question, at least you are honest about being the vain burnette. I like that you are pro revenge, too funny. I really like Cole, he is one of my fav characters. The Hate and Hope are interesting, especially The Hate. So glad you joined the read along.

  4. Lol – you crack me up.

    I just now saw your post for this! Glad you’re doing this one too.

  5. FABR Steph says:

    I love your answer to number two. It is an entirely different answer than mine, but an interesting way of looking at it all the same. I am looking forward to seeing what you think of the mysterious POV’s as things unfold. This is my second read.
    - Stephanie

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