Married With Zombies Read-A-Long: Week 4

Married With Zombies read a long Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4

Married With Zombies Read-A-Long: Week 4 discussion questions by

Tina’s Book Reviews

1. In chapter 16 David and Sarah are attacked by freezer zombies in chef attire. Despite its rotten food and disgusting kitchen, lets think about what it could of been before the attack, give me a picture of your dream kitchen or a pic of you cooking your favorite food in your own kitchen… or both!!!

man kitchen sexy cook Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4

My dream kitchen has a chef in it dude… one that looks like this. Just sayin. icon wink Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4


2. In Chapter 16, David winds up killing those freezer zombies with a blank show me your best one….and yes it must be yours!!!!

Uuum okay… So I guess I’ll just say it… I HATE knives. I’m DEATHLY, panic-inducing, like “b*itch take a Xanex before you hyperventilate” afraid.

I don’t even like box cutters. Shyyyyea now you know my dirty little secret.

I could take a picture of one of our serrated steak knives I suppose… But that would mean having to empty the dish washer and…


if super buu used forced ingestion to spiderman what happened 7167 Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4

3. In Chapter 17 David and Sarah find themselves with some cult like people and wind up trapped. How would you escape? Ropes?

I’d envoke my inner “spidey senses” and fling webs from my wrists!!!! icon wink Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4 No… I’d totally just fall out the window and break my leg. No joke. Bungy cord maybe?? Parachute??? Blankets….show me your best.


4. In Chapter 19 David and Sarah find a surprise in the car they stole…in the midst of crazy its a nice welcome. Now whip me up your favorite one and share……you can include recipes!!

Miller Lite 6pk Cans WEB Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4

kamikaze shot Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4

I’m a beer or vodka chick… icon wink Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4

And shhhhyea I do like it out of the CAN. lol

Although, what I love about vodka and especially a Kamikaze … is you’re not even sure what happened… One second you’re slamming them back all hardcore, the next… *let’s not speak of it*


5. In chapter 20, Sarah gets to kill a zombie with a cash register, bringing back memories of her worst retail job ever….so tell me whats the worst job you’ve had……if you can include pictures in your uniform I will die laughing…..or a picture of the place you worked will be good too…:).

Sonic uniform e1339991917396 Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4 Sonic e1339961564279 Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4
OMG!! I actually only had ONE retail-type “job”… I was a car-hop at Sonic! But I SUPER loved it!!!! I made GOOD tips… and looked SUPER cute in my short-shorts and skates!!!! icon biggrin Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4 We used to have Car Show’s every month too! I’d go home with NO less than $300.00 in TIPS in 8 hours! AND made $6.25 an hour on top of that… I was a Sonic All-Star baby!

And… that pic was from this past weekend… LOL I couldn’t find my old visor, but I still have like 6 of my old shirts!

(winter totally sucked though!)

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 Married With Zombies Read A Long: Week 4

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11 Responses to Married With Zombies Read-A-Long: Week 4

  1. Cathy Givans says:

    I worked at Sonic too! Had a blast as a carhop. As a manager, not so much. I tried to talk them into letting me just carhop again after I took over a store and they said no. So booo! I quit (well, actually I quit cuz I had pregnancy complications but…lol). I would totally go back if I ever needed an out of the house job again! And yes, the tips are freakin’ awesome! But I don’t skate…it never ends well. =D

  2. Felicia says:

    My dream kitchen would have a chef like that too though in the kitchen that I posted LOL :) Mostly because if he looked like that I would always be in my kitchen…just saying!

  3. Tina says:

    OMW- your kitchen…that is the best kitchen Ive ever seen!!!! For Real!!!! And now I want to work at sonic………..LOL!!

  4. DAMMIT! This means WAR!! That is MY kitchen! MINE!

    Oh well… great perverted minds and all… ;)

    Btw, you look so cute in that Sonic shirt. They just started making the hops wear the skates here. I’m sure if I tried it, I’d have a face full of shake because I’m so graceful…

  5. Melliane says:

    your dream kitchen is just perfect! Really love it! lol

    Great answers.

  6. Heidi says:

    Ha ha…you mad me laugh the whole thing about knives and unloading the dishwasher…unloading the dishwasher blows that ‘s why I eat on paper plates all the time. Wow you still have your Sonic shirt…funny!

  7. heheh love your kitchen!! =D Can I come over for ummmm dinner!?
    Spider Woman? EPIC. In this house, we are comic freaks, yes… yes we are. & proud.. LOL
    I love Sonic. !!! =D Skates + Food for me would = disaster.. I would need heels dude! =D


    p.s I miss you.

  8. Sarah says:

    Awww you’re so cute in your Sonic shirt! Sounds like it was a pretty fun job :-) That is a LOT of tip money!

  9. I like the way you think! Talk about a nice kitchen accessory!

  10. As soon as i get out of work, I’m off to see if Sonic is hiring. Though I don’t think I could pull the same amount of tips. :(

    But yes, you look super cute in your uniform. But where are the skates?

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