Book Review: Wrecked by Anna Davies

12022733 Book Review: Wrecked by Anna Davies

by Anna Davies

Published: 05/01/2012

From Goodreads:

Secrets of the sea have never been sexier than this.

Ever since the death of her parents, Miranda has lived on Whym Island, taking comfort in the local folklore, which claims a mysterious sea witch controls the fate of all on the island and in its surrounding waters. Sometimes it’s just easier to believe things are out of your control.

But then a terrible boating accident takes the lives of several of her friends, and Miranda is rescued by a mysterious boy who haunts her dreams. Consumed by guilt from the accident, she finds refuge in late-night swims—and meets Christian, a boy who seems eerily familiar, but who is full of mystery: He won’t tell her where he is from, or why they can only meet at the beach. But Miranda falls for him anyway…and discovers that Christian’s secrets, though meant to protect her, may bring her nothing but harm.

Seductive and compelling, Wrecked brings a contemporary, paranormal twist to a classic enchanting tale.

goodreads Book Review: Wrecked by Anna Davies

Mandee thought:

I’ve been on a mermaid kick lately but Wrecked by Anna Davies is actually the first mermaid themed book I’ve read so far and I must say that I was NOT disappointed. The very first thing I liked about this book is the fact that it was based in South Carolina. I’m in North Carolina but South Carolina is one of my absolute favorite places (Myrtle Beach, woop woop!) so I was instantly drawn in. That and I love love LOVE the beach! I took a lot of notes on this book, so be ready.

Miranda’s parents died in a car accident so her and her little brother Teddy were sent to live with their grandmother, Eleanor on Whym Island. The locals don’t take kindly to foreigners so it took them a long time to finally fit in. Miranda and her friends decide to take a ride on her boat and that’s when things go downhill. Within the first two chapters, people die. To me, that is an excellent start of a story. Not because I’m sick and morbid and WANT people to die, but there’s action right from the very beginning. There’s nothing worse than a book that takes fooooreeevverrr to get started.

After the accident the whole entire island seems to blame Miranda. I mean, sure she was driving the boat, but it was an accident. These people are cruel too. This chick lost her parents, then most of her friends while putting her boyfriend in a coma as well. Don’t you think she deserves a break? Not these jerks. The only thing I didn’t like about this book (aside from it not being first person, ahhh I hate that!!) is the fact that Miranda was too much of a sissy to slap her supposed friends that DID live. She didn’t even have them to count on after everything went down. Ugh, I really felt for this poor girl but at the same time I wanted to tell her she needed to stand up for herself and stop taking everyone’s crap.

Miranda’s grandmother was a jerk too. However, my favorite quote from the book came from her when she said “The world doesn’t care that you’re hurting.” She made an excellent point with that statement but she still sucked. She seemed to care more about her appearance with everyone than what was really going on with Miranda. The only person Miranda had to turn to throughout this whole ordeal was her brother Teddy, and the mysterious stranger who was the very reason she was still alive. Enter Christian.

An interesting characteristic of this book that I really enjoyed was that some of the chapters were seeing Christian’s side of things. He was the one who happened to be on the scene when the boat went down and saved Miranda from drowning. He’s a betwixtman, which is kind of like a mermaid but he can walk among land and has legs. I haven’t done much research into mermaids or anything so I don’t know if this is part of a legend or anything, but if not it was pretty friggin creative. I love a good legend with a little twist.

So after the accident Miranda starts having dreams about the stranger who rescued her but begins to think that she was hallucinating and he doesn’t really exist. When she finally meets him, they instantly connect and things get pretty heated. Christian has secrets that could put Miranda in danger. There’s a mysterious stranger that shows up on the island who seems to be way too interested in the accident and Miranda. Once the truth comes out, Miranda feels even more alone than she did before she met Christian. There are a lot of ups and downs in this story and it will definitely keep you on your toes.

All in all I thought this was a wonderful book. The only things I didn’t like about the book were the awkwardness between Miranda and Christian and Miranda at first, the fact that she says “Hi.” WAY too much, the fact that it’s not first person, and the fact that Christian sparkles. That’s right, he sparkles. What the deuce, right? I instantly thought of Twilight, which irritated the hell out of me. I know it’s a story, but vampires should not sparkle. And neither should mermen! Other than those tiny bumps in the road I loved everything else about this book. But because of them, I had to rate this book with 4 stilettos instead of 5. However, I still HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a good, fast read, my absolute favorite kind!

4 Stilettos Book Review: Wrecked by Anna Davies

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 Book Review: Wrecked by Anna Davies
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 Book Review: Wrecked by Anna Davies

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6 Responses to Book Review: Wrecked by Anna Davies

  1. Well, I can see a merman sparkling more than a vamp, especially since certain fish do that. However, I can see why that would bother you.

    I so want to read this one. Merman? WIN! Gotta read. It sounds like something I’d enjoy.

  2. I have heard a lot of mixed things on this book, but your review is wonderful, and it sounds like a good book. I will have to get to this one some time.

  3. @ Melissa: I just don’t like my MEN sparkling. I love glitter and sparkles as much as the next person (I wear sparkly body spray on the daily) but sparkling dudes are not manly. And I’m very glad this was my first mermaid book. Now I can keep reading them because so far so good!

    @ Amy: Thanks! I’m fairly new at writing reviews so I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I really hope you like the book!

  4. Alexa says:

    Well it certainly sounds like there is a lot going on in this book.
    I have read many reviews that said this book was only so-so and not one of their favorite mermaid books. I’m not really sure this one will be for me so I might just steer clear of it unless I’m really bored one day and see it at the library.

    Thanks for the great review, I’m glad you liked this one even with the small bumps along the way.

  5. @ Alexa: I can understand that. And I may change my mind in the future as I have nothing else to compare it to yet.

  6. candace says:

    I haven’t paid much attention to this book for some reason, it just hasn’t appealed to me. I do think a lot of times we get in a mindset that makes us like a book more or less. I’m not a big mermaid fan, but recently I read Of Poseidon and liked it. So maybe I need to try more of them.

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