Indie Frenzy features: Everly Drummond & Ivan Rusilko

  Indie Frenzy features: Everly Drummond & Ivan Rusilko  

Everly Drummond & Ivan Rusilko

We have Everly Drummond and Dr. Ivan Rusilko with us today, to tell us about their new book, The Winemaker’s Dinner, and the incredibly awesome freaking story behind how it came to be!! But, FIRST- I must INSIST that we all pause to appreciate this fine piece of man candyYeah, I totally said it. Dear God look at him!

 Indie Frenzy features: Everly Drummond & Ivan Rusilko

Okay, okay what are we supposed to be doing? Oh yes, Indie Frenzy… featuring indie authors- talking about their books and such! Oh, just let me look one more time! Do I have drool one my chin? *embarrassing* Now it’s time to act like a professional, let’s begin!

Hi Everly and Mr. Oooooh so yummy… Oops! I mean- Ivan! (you guys didn’t really believe the professional proclamation did you?) Thank you guys so much for letting me be insanely inappropriate toward Ivan and interviewing you today! *evil grin* Okay, first question:
Q: Ivan *Brunette bats eyelashes* Are you married? (*ahem* it’s MY interview, I’ll ask what I want!)

A: Negative! hahaha Still Single looking to mingle!! 

Ladies… this shall be considered an EPIC win. 
Q: The Winemaker’s Dinner has a VERY intriguing background, how it is that you two came to write this book together?

A: It was a very random series of events. Everly contacted me to see if I would be interested in contributing my name to a book she was going to do. She didnt have to twist my arm!! Next thing I know we are working together, going back and forth, on creating a book from my past “romantic triumphs and tragedies”. It is such an enjoyable and relaxing thing to do! (Ivan’s answer)

A: Now, do you want the whole story? LOL I was sent a link to a Twitter followers blog where she’d recently posted a #ManCandyMonday blurb about Ivan. As soon as I read her blog, I was convinced that he’d make the perfect hero in a romance novel. The truth is, it took me over a month to gather up the courage to ask him for permission to use his name. What started out as him lending his name for the book spiral into so much more. Next thing I know, we’re writing the book together. And yes, ladies, there is an actual Twitter hashtag for #ManCandyMonday. I strongly suggest that you follow it. (Everly’s answer)

Q: Everly… Have you ever co-written a novel before? Besides the OBVIOUS advantages to having Ivan to stare atWRITE with…    I lost my train of thought… Oh! Yes! What are the advantages/disadvantages to writing with a partner?

A: This is the first time I’ve written with someone else. Since Ivan is in the US, and I’m in Canada, I’ve had to rely on emails and visual aids for inspirtaion. Umm… what was the question? Oh! Sorry, I got distracted by the pretty pictures. 

The biggest advantage to writing with a partner is that you have someone to bounce all of you ideas off of. Two minds are better than one! The biggest disadvantage, in this case anyways, is the distance. Instead of being able to sit down in a cafe together and brainstorm, we’ve had to rely on emails and work around each other’s schedule, but once we found our groove, it was easy.

Q: Ivan… So are you really a doctor?

A: Yep! I figured that I spent enough time trying to perfect my body I might as well learn all about it.

*swooning* Seriously, I think I need a doctor…

12383863 Indie Frenzy features: Everly Drummond & Ivan RusilkoQ: Everly… You have a new YA book coming out on Nov 12, called Blood of the Ancients but it’s being published under the name Tammy Wilkinson (which I’m WICKED thrilled to read by the way!) what prompted you to jump into the YA genre? And why the different name?

A: I do! Blood of the Ancients was the first book I ever wrote. It wasn’t until after finishing it that I dabbled in adult fiction. An ex boyfriend of mine had a thing for erotica, so I used to write it for him. He had several of my pieces published in various magazines, and he was the one to encourage me to carry on with it. It wasn’t until I started taking writting as a serious career, that decided to get back into it.  Since the City of the Damned series is intended for adults, I figured it would be better to use a pseudonym. I was worried that some readers might mind writing Young Adult and Erotica under the same name to be inappropriate. I eventually came to the conclusion that if I’m a 30 something woman, and I like to read both genres, then there must be other women out there who do the same. It also helps that my family and friends are 100% supportive of what I write. In fact, my mom and my 64 year old aunt are my two biggest fans. I actually got in trouble once from my aunt for trying to black out the “naughty bits” in a new book I was working on.

I am 27, and I can tell you I love YA- but I love me some erotica too!!!

Q: What are your plans for future books?

A: As it stands, The Winemaker’s Dinner is intended as a stand alone title, but Ivan and I have briefly outlined two more books in the series. As to whether or not it gets picked up as a series is another matter altogether. I’ve been trying to finish up the next book in the City of the Damned series, which will hopefully be available in December, and I’m also working on the next book in the Boston Vampires series called Curse of the Ancients. Once those projects are finished, I’m going to start working on another YA book based on Djinn (Genie) mythology. Lately, a lot of readers have been emailing me about my short story, Inked, mostly saying that they loved it, but it’s too short. So, I’ve been entertaining the idea of making Inked into a full length novel.

Everly, being the AWESOME chick that she is has decided to reveal the 4th title of the City of the Damned series right here- TODAY… It’s going to be called: Forbidden. Oh YUM, right??? AND not only that, but the series is going to be available in print this December!

Thank you guys SO much for being here today!!! Ivan… yeah. Where were YOU five years ago today? You know? When I was getting MARRIED? icon wink Indie Frenzy features: Everly Drummond & Ivan Rusilko

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 Indie Frenzy features: Everly Drummond & Ivan Rusilko

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 Indie Frenzy features: Everly Drummond & Ivan Rusilko 

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 Indie Frenzy features: Everly Drummond & Ivan Rusilko
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 Indie Frenzy features: Everly Drummond & Ivan Rusilko

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