Cover Reveal: Promises by Lisa L Wiedmeier

 Promises Cover 1 Cover Reveal: Promises by Lisa L Wiedmeier

Promises by Lisa L Wiedmeier

Cheyenne is determined to seek the light of truth in a web of darkness, but at what cost?

Still reeling from the revelations of her secret birthright and fated betrothals, Cheyenne’s thoughts tumble over the whirlwind of life since the death of her parents. Vowing to close herself off to spare her heart more pain, she keeps her distance and seeks her own path. But Colt, Daniel and Callon are constantly at her side, not giving her room to breathe or let her come to terms with her destiny. At the same time, her transformation into a Timeless begins; a process that could very well kill her. As if that wasn’t enough, her enemies are still out for her blood, and no-where is safe. Though new allies appear to protect her from the unseen dangers, which ones are friend and which are foe?

And can Cheyenne stand the ultimate pain of all . . .


*cover by the super fabulous Claudia at PhatPuppy Art*



Cheyenne Cover e1334943209964 Cover Reveal: Promises by Lisa L Wiedmeier


by Lisa L Wiedmeier

Murder, romance, secrets and hidden pasts. Deception from every angle—who’s telling the truth?

Cheyenne Wilson’s life is thrown into turmoil after her adoptive parents are killed in an accident. With only her best friend Colt to comfort her, she scours through the family archives, hoping to quell her grief. Instead she begins to unravel the mystery behind her birth parents, and her secret heritage. She is a Timeless- a being that ages one year for every hundred human years when they reach their twenties- and of the royal line, destined to gain great power.

But Cheyenne has other problems. The ones who killed her parents want her too, and Colt is hiding something of his own. Surrounded by danger and with few she can trust, Cheyenne must face the dark truth of her past, and choose between a forbidden love that will forever hold her heart, or her destiny…

goodreads Cover Reveal: Promises by Lisa L Wiedmeier


*Cheyenne ALSO done by the super fabulous Claudia at PhatPuppy Art*


As always, both of these covers are beautifully done! I can’t wait to start this series!


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Lisa Wiedmeier: is a self-employed bookkeeper who lives in Idaho with her loving husband, two sons and crazy dog Mandi.

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 Cover Reveal: Promises by Lisa L Wiedmeier
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 Cover Reveal: Promises by Lisa L Wiedmeier

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  1. Those covers are gorgeous!! For some reason Promises keeps coming and going lol! It’s playing peek-a-boo with me. This series sounds really good too. Thank for sharing babe!!

  2. Pretty and hopeful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Devri says:

    Pretty! I really like the greens, its so soft.

  4. They both look awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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