Commence Obsessive Countdown

I get obsessed about a lot of things, but nothing quite approaches my Halloween obsession. Like,halloween halloween demotivational poster 1210831270 Commence Obsessive Countdown my son was supposed to be born in early November, but I forced him out on Halloween through SHEER WILL because I wanted my kid to have a Halloween birthday. I also wanted him to quit giving my spine chiropractic adjustments with his head, but that’s totally off topic. ANYWAY. Halloween. Love it. Already counting down–only two months to plan the awesome.

Unfortunately, the Halloween awesome is slightly limited by the fact that I have young children. They don’t really like the idea of dressing up a bunch of plastic zombies in cheerleader and football uniforms and planting them in the yard. They think it’s freaky. OF COURSE IT IS. FREAKY AWESOME. I want to have THAT HOUSE, the one people drive by and take pictures because it’s just that cool. The one with the fog machine.

Seriously, if you want to make me happy, buy me a fog machine. I’ll dedicate my next book to you.

bones sparkly vampire Commence Obsessive CountdownSo now, the real work begins, and you have to help me. WHAT SHOULD I BE FOR HALLOWEEN? Last year, I was a sparkly vampire. I got all gothed up and then wrapped myself in twinkle lights. Unfortunately, my fangs wouldn’t stay in because I have a tiny mutant mouth (no, really), and I think that’s so fitting. I was a fangless sparkle vampire. Aren’t all sparkle vampires fangless? Anyway, that’s what I did last year, and now I need suggestions. WHAT SHOULD I BE FOR HALLOWEEN? If you come up with something I use, I’ll do something nice like name a murder victim after you in the book I’m writing, but not Halloween, because that was in the LAST book I wrote.

Wow, I’m really rambly today, aren’t I? HELP ME.


Carrie Sig Commence Obsessive Countdown

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 Commence Obsessive Countdown

Carrie Harris

Carrie Harris is a geek-of-all-trades and proud of it. She’s always been a bit of a brain, so she wrote a zombie book—Bad Taste in Boys. And she has hair, so she wrote a werewolf book next—Bad Hair Day. Sadly, she’s not a demon-fighting derby girl, but that didn’t stop her from tackling her next book, Demon Derby. Carrie lives with her ninja-doctor husband and three monster-obsessed children. She is the president of the Class of 2k11, a marketing group for young adult and middle grade writers, and a repeat judge for the Cybils awards.
 Commence Obsessive Countdown

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31 Responses to Commence Obsessive Countdown

  1. The Blonde Zombie says:

    We UK folks are boring when it comes to Halloween, we have the costumes etc but you guys over the pond do it SO much better! I think I’d dress up as a zombiefied Alice in Wonderland or maybe the Corpse Bride, or maybe something that would warrant me carrying a huge fuck off axe ;-)

    • Carrie Harris says:

      I just like the phrase “huge fuck off axe.” Heck, maybe I could BE a huge fuck off axe!

      I’m trying to think how to accomplish that….

  2. Amy J says:

    I still laugh whenever I think of my brother last year! He simply wore a name tag on his shirt that said:
    To: The Women
    Here is your gift.
    Love from: God

    He was Gods gift to women.
    You could always change it up and make it Gods gift to men.

    I have been trying to figure out what to dress my 8 year old daughter as this year! She was a skunk one year with Little Stinker written on her bum area. LOL

    • Carrie Harris says:

      I saw a guy once at a party who was dressed up as a Twister board, and he kept walking up to all the girls and yelling, “Right hand on yellow! Right hand on yellow!” I don’t know why, but your brother’s costume made me think of that. :)

  3. HAHA! Amy’s brother wins. Hands down. That’s freaking awesome dude.

    I have NO idea what I am going to be either. I have a 6 year old and LOVE the fact that she’s down for whatever. My husband LOVES Halloween and goes all out; so she is used to the gory and blood and every other traumatizing thing that comes along with Halloween. I was a Dead Army Cheerleader last year.. Not to sure this year.. I’m leaning towards something else dead; just don’t know what else yet.. MY daughter wants to be a Zombie Gymnast. Yea.. Don’t ask lol.

    • Carrie Harris says:

      I did slasher film cheerleader one year–how about that? And I have a friend whose daughter was a zombie astronaut, which I thought was SO COOL. I was the technical consultant.

  4. Nette says:

    What about Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas? Nothing says Halloween like Tim Burton!

  5. Felicia says:

    Last year I was 80s Zombie circa “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” ! Seriously totally punk rocked it out and then zombified myself. It was so fun :) Super cheap too since some brilliant person decided that 80s fashions needed to come back into style LOL

    I love Halloween and have no idea what to be this year. I will think of something but what I don’t know!

    • Carrie Harris says:

      You know, I’ve got a valley girl costume around here somewhere…that’s pretty awesome.

  6. LOL You have some will! Hope your son loves his Halloween b-day. :)

    What to be for halloween… how about a steampunk zombie? Not many of those about.. :D

    • Carrie Harris says:

      Oooooh. That sounds super elaborate, but I wonder if I could make some things.

      *runs to look up pictures*

  7. I need pictures of this sparkly fangless vampire….lol

    I think hubs & I are doing 80s prom king and queen this year. heh.

    • Carrie Harris says:

      I’m not sure if any pictures exist, but I’ll look! And that sounds uber fun; is he wearing a powder blue tux? :)

  8. Jessica M says:

    OMG, I totally want you to pull together a merpire outfit! Or…hmmm…a mutant killer pumpkin? Something with classic roots but totally hilarious to boot! LOL.

    • Carrie Harris says:

      Dude, I have been wanting to do the merpire thing for ages, but I can’t think of HOW.

      • Jessica M says:

        Well…hmmm…you’d need a wicked cool mermaid tail…and a goth bikini top…and, hmmm, you said the fangs don’t work for you, so I think you’d have to go with the sparkly, fangless variety of vampire again, lol… I totally think you could make it work, though LOL!!

        Or…you could go as a scientest that got turned into a zombie in a fatal lab experiment, lol…I know that’s totally up your alley, too!

  9. Mandee says:

    I am SO jealous of your son. My oldest son was supposed to be a Halloween baby but he refused to come until November 8th. My other two kids were September babies. It’s like fate refuses to let me enjoy October the way I want to. I just pretend my birthday is on Halloween now. This costume idea won’t really work unless you’re pregnant but a lot of my friends wanted me to go as a baked potato one year. I didn’t, of course, but it would have been funny to look back on now. I always loved the pregnant nun costume idea. Now that I live in a bible belt I’m going to have to try that one out. See what kinda rise I can get out of people. GREAT post! We would get along so well. :D

    • Carrie Harris says:

      Don’t knock November 8th birthdays! I was born on the 8th, and so was Bram Stoker, which is COOL. (Him, not me.) When I was pregnant with my twins, I was so tired and so huge, and I put a big 8 on my shirt and went as a magic 8 ball. :D

      But I really SHOULD go as a baked potato. That’s my favorite food!

      And yeah, we’d get along majorly well!

  10. J.J. Bonds says:

    Ummm? Am I the last to know how funny Carrie Harris is? Making a mental note to check out her books STAT! As for Halloween… Since this is the home of the Zombie Queen, I’ll stick with the theme. Ignoring the fact that I am rhyming poorly (and purely by accident), I’m thinking zombie politician! They need all the brains they can collect for election season!

    • Carrie Harris says:

      BAHAHAHA! Zombie politician? Heck, I want to write a STORY about zombie politicians. Or maybe a limerick. We should ALL write zombie politician poetry, don’t you think?

  11. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    How about Snow White or Cinderella.

  12. Lol!! You could be a Zombie Disney Princess. I think you would rock Snow White, zombified!! I love Halloween too. I tried to force my daughter out for Halloween, but she waited until November 5th. Still before she was supposed to come out, but I would have loved it if she was a Halloween baby!!

    • Carrie Harris says:

      Ooooh. Zombie Snow White with the apple? That would be SO COOL!

      And at least this way you could get away with a costume party if you wanted, right? :)

  13. I’m not sure what I want to be either!

    Hmm. I second the Zombie Disney Princess. :)

    • Carrie Harris says:

      I wonder if I’d scare the crap out of my five-year-olds if I did that. Because it’s sooooo tempting!

  14. Sherre says:

    So hard to decide. I never know what to be for halloween. It’s always so cold on halloween here in DC so I can never be what I really want to be unless I’m going to a party thats indoors.

    OMG!!! i just realized I’m living in a new apartment of my own now. I wonder if Trick or Treaters will come by! That would be so awesome!!! I absolutely HAVE to decorate. *ponders decorating ideas*

    Well, as for you, I was a Faerie last year, and it was awesome, but since sookie stackhouse is all lovey dovey with all men vampire, I think you should have a faerie vampire or sookie as a vampire…or maybe you can be a ZOMBIE BRAIN DOCTOR!!!

  15. Elyse S. says:

    I think you should be a Zompire. A lovely dose of 2 of the best scary things out there a zombie and a vampire. :)

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