Book Stalking… YA Edition!

So many awesome YA books have come out (or are GOING to come out very soon) recently that I could not let all these amazing titles go without having been stalked by BB!

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Dance of the Red Death (Masque of the Red Death #2)
by Bethany Griffin


Araby Worth’s city is being torn apart by death, disease, and corrupt forces wanting to claim it for their own. She has lost her home. Her best friend is dying. Her mother has been kidnapped. The boy who made her feel something again has betrayed her. And her father may be a murderer.

But Araby has found herself.

Despite the death and destruction all ar…more

OMG! How long have I been waiting for Dance of the Red Death???? I’m DYING! I LOVED Masque of the Red Death hardcore! I’m on pins and needles waiting to find out what happens with Araby, Elliot and Will!

I need this YESTERDAY! I may die. Seriously.

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ICONS (Icons #1) by Margaret Stohl

Expected publication: May 7, 2013 by Little, Brown for Young Readers

Your heart beats only with their permission.

Everything changed on The Day. The day the windows shattered. The day the power stopped. The day Dol’s family dropped dead. The day Earth lost a war it didn’t know it was fighting.

Since then, Dol has lived a simple life in the countryside — safe from the shadow of the Icon and its terrifying power. Hiding from the one truth she…more

Um… “The day Earth lost a war it didn’t know it was fighting.”

YES please!!!!

20121024 101146 Book Stalking... YA Edition!


The Life Beyond (The Other Life #2)
by Susanne Winnacker

15, 323 hours since Sherry listened to one of her father’s bedtime stories. 30, 657 minutes since she heard his laughter.

Sherry’s father’s life is hanging in the balance… And if he turns into a Weeper, Sherry and Joshua know that the only way to save him lies on the other side of the fence – the barrier cutting them off from the rest of the world. … Read More

Oooooh I hope we find out more about Tyler!!!!!!

Read my review of The Other Life (The Other Life #1) by Susanne Winnacker


20121024 104753 Book Stalking... YA Edition!

Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn

A reckless wish taken from the darkest desires of the heart…

A bloody razor engraved with the names of the girls who turned to dust…

An endless cycle that feeds of loneliness and craves destruction…

Together, these pieces form a twisted puzzle that Annaliese Rose Gordon has to solve. Trapped in a body that isn’t hers—with no memory of how she got there—she must unlock the sec…more

20121024 105404 Book Stalking... YA Edition!

My Beautiful Failure by Janet Ruth Young

Expected publication: November 13th 2012 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

A haunting account of a teen boy who volunteers at a suicide hotline and falls for a troubled caller.Billy is a sophomore in high school, and twice a week, he volunteers at Listeners, a suicide hotline.

Jenney is an “incoming,” a caller, a girl on the brink.

As her life spirals out of control, Jenney’s calls become more desperate, more frequent. Billy, struggling with the…more

Ooooh this one came out on my birthday and sounds EPICly tragic right? And I totally have it sitting right next to me!!!

20121024 110754 Book Stalking... YA Edition!

Invisibility by Andrea Cremer & David Levithan

Expected publication: May 7th 2013 by Philomel/Penguin

Stephen has been invisible for practically his whole life — because of a curse his grandfather, a powerful cursecaster, bestowed on Stephen’s mother before Stephen was born. So when Elizabeth moves to Stephen’s NYC apartment building from Minnesota, no one is more surprised than he is that she can see him. A budding romance ensues, and when Stephen confides in Elizabeth ab…more


OMG!!!! How much do I ADORE Andrea Cremer and David Levithan???? Separately- they each blow my mind hardcore… Together? This shall border on the book of the freaking YEAR!!!!!!

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 Book Stalking... YA Edition!

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7 Responses to Book Stalking… YA Edition!

  1. I am ridiculously excited for Invisibility by Andrea Cremer & David Levithan!!!!!!! Like I want this book RIGHT NOW!!
    I adore the cover, it’s soooo freaking stunning and the story sound amazing!! PLUS, it’s Andrea Cremer and Davi Levithan!

  2. I’m really excited for most of these, too (especially INVISIBILITY – I mean, how awesome does that sound?!), but there are even a few I didn’t know about! Definitely have to take a closer look at those. ;)

  3. SO much awesome!!! I am seriously dying for Dance of the Red Death!! That cover is beyond gorgeous!! Super excited for The Life Beyond too. I loved The first book!! They all sound really great!

  4. Masque of the Red Death #2??? NoooooOOooo! I have to read that first one… well, first! Still, glad to know about it. Hope your weekend is going great!

  5. That’s an amazing list!
    I’m really excited about Invisibility even though I still have to read Andrea Cremer.

  6. Krystianna says:

    Invisibility sounds super good. Plus it’s two amazing YA authors! Thank you for sharing.

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

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