Book Review: The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen

The Zombie Whisperer Book Review: The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen


The Zombie Whisperer (Living With The Dead #4) by Jesse Petersen

Published: January 15th 2013

Once a zombie, always a zombie?

Dave and Sarah are pretty happy in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Montana. They’ve done their part in saving the world (kind of) and now they’re settling in for a long life of killing straggler zombies. Well, they think that’s what they’re doing until a helicopter lands on their front lawn with old friends Nicole Nessing and Robbie “The Kid” on board. They propose a dangerous plan: Dave and Sarah must return to Seattle and use Dave’s Superpowers to help with the final stages of a formula that will not only wipe out most of the zombies, but innocluate humans against the virus.

Going back to Seattle was never in the plan. Especially since Sarah has a few secrets of her own that could change her marriage, increase the danger they’re facing and even alter the future they’re so desperately trying to save.

 Book Review: The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen  Book Review: The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen

The Bookish Brunette thought:

SQUEE!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this forth installment of the Living With The Dead series FOREVER. Well, like a year… But it’s been EXCRUCIATING I tell you! If you aren’t caught up on Jesse Petersen‘s zombie series of AWESOME, it’s high time to begin!!!

In Eat Slay Love, David and Sarah had gone through a rough patch (as if the zombie apocalypse isn’t enough right?) and we found out some SERIOUSLY interesting things about David that we hadn’t previously known!

Spoilers from The Zombie Whisperer and previous books may lie ahead… Read at your own risk!

The Zombie Whisperer picks up right after Eat Slay Love ends, Dave has super human zombie “powers”… Strength, speed, awesomeness. He and Sarah have holed up in Montanta since their last run in with what is left of the United States government.

Yeah, they want Dave and his super special zombieness all to themselves. Turns out that Sarah has an ace up her sleeve and once people find out what it is… They just may want Sarah MORE than Dave.

The Zombie Whisperer seemed like it was a lot shorter than the previous three books in this series… The forth book in Jesse Petersen’s Living With The Dead series wraps up everything in Dave and Sarah’s post-apocalyptic life quite quaintly. And I was ultimately pretty surprised by the ending, as I’ve never encountered the resuscitation of society in such drastic measures.

I enjoyed being privy to the end of Sarah and Dave’s story, as having followed them through surviving the apocalypse and saving humanity – I’m incredibly INVESTED in these characters!

Littered with sarcastic and witty one-liners that we’ve come to know and love, The Zombie Whisperer ends on a highly optimistic note. Any long-time fan of The Living With The Dead series will NOT want to miss the long awaited finale to this awesome series!

“I didn’t get my crazy person memo, can you send it again? My fax number is 1-800-fuckthis.”

4 Stilettos Book Review: The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen

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 Book Review: The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen
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4 Responses to Book Review: The Zombie Whisperer by Jesse Petersen

  1. Kristilyn says:

    Great review, Ashley! I can’t wait to read this one, though I’ll be waiting for the audiobook since I’ve read all the other books in that format. I’m sad the series is coming to an end — it’s been such a fun ride!

  2. mrsblevins says:

    Nice review! I can’t wait to read it. I HATE that the cover art is so different this time around =(

  3. Danielle says:

    What a cute cover. I definitely need to read this series!

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