Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

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Something Strange and Deadly (Something Strange and Deadly #1)
by Susan Dennard

Published: 7/24/2012 by HarperTeen

From Goodreads:
The year is 1876, and there’s something strange and deadly loose in Philadelphia…

Eleanor Fitt has a lot to worry about. Her brother has gone missing, her family has fallen on hard times, and her mother is determined to marry her off to any rich young man who walks by. But this is nothing compared to what she’s just read in the newspaper—

The Dead are rising in Philadelphia.

And then, in a frightening attack, a zombie delivers a letter to Eleanor…from her brother.

Whoever is controlling the Dead army has taken her brother as well. If Eleanor is going to find him, she’ll have to venture into the lab of the notorious Spirit-Hunters, who protect the city from supernatural forces. But as Eleanor spends more time with the Spirit-Hunters, including their maddeningly stubborn yet handsome inventor, Daniel, the situation becomes dire. And now, not only is her reputation on the line, but her very life may hang in the balance.

goodreads Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

The following review is brought to you by the EPIC Loretta from Between the Pages!

Something Strange and Deadly was a book I was absolutely excited to read. I mean come on it’s set in the 1800’s and full of what I love, Zombies.

I was a little disappointed when Zombies we’re not the “focus” of the book. No, the zombies were a mere accessory in this book. But soon you find out, some where out there is a necromancer, raising the dead, controlling them. But who is it? And why are they doing this?

The main part of this book was more of the spirit hunters, and Eleanor finding out what happened to her brother through them.

The book starts off with a woman screaming “THE DEAD”, people running, trying to escape the little cramped station. The Dead are rising, and no one knows why.

Eleanor hides in the office, and it is then she tries to find a telegram from her brother. She just knows that something is wrong with Elijah. He didn’t come home, and not it seems that he has not left word.

After a close call with the dead she finally gets the letter. They are her brother’s words. But what she reads does not give her comfort. It only worries her more. What has happened to her brother and what kind of trouble is he in?

After returning home, she knows she cannot tell her mom about Elijah. Things would not be handled well.

Her mother, was one that I felt only cared about one thing… status.

After the death of her father, they have had financial difficulties. But her mother has hope that Eleanor will save them, by marrying some rich bachelor.

Her mother planned a welcome home party for Elijah’s and when he does not return her mother stresses out, seeing as how she has spent a lot of money and invited a bunch of high status people.  Its then she decides to turns the party into something completely different. During the party that something very strange, and terrifying happens. Now there is something dark and unnatural after Eleanor. At this party you meet Clarence,is a very high status, mysterious character, who seems to know more then what he is telling Eleanor. What is it? What does he know about her brother, and the dead rising?

16 year old Eleanor has her mind made up, she is going to figure out what has happened to her brother. But she does need help. Help from the Spirit Hunters.

Her meeting with the Spirit Hunters turns into a fight with The Dead in a epic battle to survive.

“A hand grasped at my skirts. I spun around, and in the same movement, my parasol connected with something. It made a jellylike thud. I had toppled the body of a child dressed in a blue gown, and it was not clawing at me from the ground.”

I really liked Eleanor as a character! She was feisty, stubborn, and could care less what people thought of her. She was not whiny, and she did what she had to do, not matter if the situation was dangerous! She was very brave!

The Spirit Hunter are a Joseph, Daniel & Jie. Joseph is the leader, and Daniel is the hot stubborn one with a secret. Although I really liked Daniel, I wanted to punch him a lot. It was just something about him that made you really like him, but also you wanted to knock the shit out of him. He was definitely at times a crabby ass. And the mere connection that was between him & Eleanor was sweet. Even though Eleanor knew, her mother would not have this. She would not have her daughter with this man who could do nothing to provide what she thought, “they” needed. But she does not care. Jie was badass. He is very smart, and ready to fight. This is the group of guys Eleanor must trust to help her find Elijah.

Something Strange & Deadly was a great read, even though it was not what I was expecting. Even though I was wanting more flesh eating, zombie appearing action. I was happy with the story in the end. Even though it took me awhile to get “into” the slow start of the story, but after about 100+ pages everything started to unravel, and in the end, even though I had already figured it out, I was still left wanting to read more. You get a little bit of everything in Something Strange & Deadly. Even romance. Although you will not deal with insta-love, (hell yeah)! When the romance is played out it does not take away from the story but rather adds a little something to it. This was my 1st steam punkish book, and I would have to say, i enjoyed it. Besides the pacing in the beginning, I am still left wondering what is going to happen in Dennard’s second installment, A Darkness Strange & Lovely.

 Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

betweenthepagesbutton5 Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

*Be sure to head over to Loretta’s and check out the EPIC interview she did with *ahem*… ME.*

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betweenthepagesbutton5 Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

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 Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
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 Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

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55 Responses to Book Review: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

  1. Christina K. says:

    This sounds really great!!

    Zombies and steampunk in the 19thC sound incredible – I love that kind of mix of elements, because you have the morals of the time, with a scientific/paranormal twist with the zombies and you have great details with the steampunk themes.

    Thanks so much:)

  2. I think mixing steampunk and zombies is awesome! I wouldn’t normally think of the two topics together, but I’m sure that it would make a great book! I can’t wait to read this one!!

  3. Jessie says:

    I keep seeing this one everywhere! I’m a bit disappointed that the zombies aren’t more of a focus, but hey, there’s always book #2 right? I’ve also seen a lot of swooning over the hunter Daniel so I am still eager to dig in!

    • The parts with the zombies, are really good parts thought. I would have just PERSONALLY loved to see them played more into the story. But, it was a good read. Something different for me because I had never read Steam Punk before.

  4. Mary Ann Woods says:

    Steampunk is fast becoming one of my favorite themes. I also love zombies! I’m a 62 year old grandma who never, in her wildest dreams, thought I would love zombie stories as much as I do!

  5. I love this book! I’m gonna be hosting a blog tour with Susan Dennard you should sooo sign up.


  6. Ames says:

    I love zombies and steampunk. I’m dying to read this book ^_^

    And I love that one of my favorite artists, Natalia Pierandrei is working on some illustrations for this book <3

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  7. To me Steampunk & zombies actually sound like a great combination. In the past i wasn’t that interested in steampunk or zombies. BUT this year there have been some great Zombie & Steampunk books that have actually warmed me up to those types of books, so uniting them, for me sounds great!

    i was a bit ify about pre-ordering this book but I liked the review, so if i don’t win, Im gonna buy it anyway! Thanks for the giveaway. =)

  8. Every since I saw this book pop up on GoodReads, I have been dying to read it!

    I love steampunk and theoretically, I love zombies. I say theoretically because I still have not really read any zombie books. I watch a shit ton of zombie movies, but I desperately need to read some.

    Great review.

  9. Bianca says:

    I haven’t read a lot of books set in the past or zombie books (I know, shame on me) but I should probably give this one a try. Glad you loved it Loretta :) Thanks for the review.

  10. Jenny says:

    I really enjoyed this one too! The fact that the zombies were a minor player in this one was actually a positive for me as I don’t deal well with flesh eating and rotting corpses and things O_o I loved the romance as well, YAY NO INSTA-LOVE! Can’t wait to see where things go from here, thanks for the review Loretta!

    • No Flesh Eating?? Why not?! I am kidding. The parts that had zombie action were really good, but not like you would think with all the flesh eating.. lol! I don’t know how to really explain it, but it was different!
      Yay for no insta love! I really don’t like insta love all that much.

      Happy Reading.

  11. Vivien says:

    I was lucky enough to be apart of an ARC tour for this one. I found it utterly refreshing. I love steampunk, and zombies….mix them together and EPIC WIN!!! I really excited for more from Susan. I loved her writing style!!

  12. Mr. B says:

    Love the interview over at “Between the Pages”!!!

  13. Every time I see a review for this book, I remember that it’s about zombies and that always makes me intrigued all over again — your review is no different, Ash! x) Even though the zombies aren’t really the main focus, I actually think that it’ll be better for my soft stomach LOL. But still, I can’t think of anything better than a good old book about awesome speampunk. And the no insta-love is a definite plus! ;)

    Awesome review, Ashley! Can’t wait to read this one! <3

  14. Oddly enough, this sounds like a zombie book I could really sink my teeth into. I’m all about romancee. Give me swoon and I’m yours! LOL

  15. I wasn’t so sure this one would be good. I mean a zombie book with a girl that looks like that on the cover. *sigh* Yes, I did judge the book by the cover. I should be ashamed!!

  16. teressa oliver says:

    I love zombies, I like steampunk, seems to be a good combination. Havent read one yet been meaning to read Boneshaker though

  17. ephrielle says:

    I haven’t even gotten on the Zombie train yet. I was recommended Warm Bodies as the best place to start. It really didn’t convince me that there can be zombie romance. Sorry. As far as steampunk I have only read a couple of books that would classify. I enjoyed them but I am not sure if I am on board all the way yet.

  18. Victoria Zumbrum says:

    I think that would be a very interesting read. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. Tina says:

    This sounds like a great zombie read….;) Its funny I was reading this review and I was like whoa Ashley is so not Ashley….and then realized it was Loretta…..LOL!!!! Loved the review girls….

  20. Jen D. says:

    I think why the heck not. I think zombies can work in just about any setting so I say bring them on. Great review Loretta!

  21. Alexa says:

    Well you both know zombies are not completely my thing but I feel like I could give more zombie books a chance.

    I had a feeling this book was going to have a slow start because of the size of the novel. I think that I can handle that though since there is no instant love! I am so happy to hear that that I might just buy this book based on that fact alone. Plus it doesn’t center completely around just romance which is another big plus for me!

    Thanks for the awesome review Loretta!

  22. candace says:

    I love Steampunk! And I like zombies in YA. Like zombies in this that aren’t a total focus I think I will really like. And after Loretta’s review I’m REALLY wanting to read it! It sounds FAB!

  23. Lacey says:

    I actually enjoy steampunk a lot and I’ve only read a few zombie books but I think I’d like reading Something Strange and Deadly! The cover kinda turns me off though… But I’d still read it :)

  24. Thank you for letting me review on your blog during the AWESOME Zombie Craze! This event is something I look forward to since the 1st one last year! & I am seriously excited for 2013!!
    Love you!


  25. Danielle B! says:

    I like steampunk, and sometimes I like zombies if it’s done alright, but I don’t know if I would like them together. I would really love to try out a book with them both. Thanks for the giveaway Zombie Queen! XD

  26. Jolene A says:

    I have yet to read a steampunk book and I enjoy zombies. Can’t wait!!!

  27. Mariam J. says:

    I love steampunk and zombies both…but together…unreal !!!! Can’t wait to read this !

  28. Stephanie D. says:

    You got me at no insta-love. So sick of those!

  29. leannessf says:

    Love zombies and just started getting into steampunk! Would love to read this!


  30. Lori says:

    Zombies and steampunk is a fantastic combination! The undead fit perfectly into a gothic steampunk setting.

  31. How the heck did I miss this post?!! I love steampunk and I love Zombies so I think that this book will be pretty good. I have heard mixed things about it though. Glad that you loved it Loretta!!! Thanks for being part of Zombie Craze!!

  32. Steampunk I love, and Zombies it depends. But I think I’d love a mix of the two :D

  33. Samantha D says:

    The combo can either be so fab or a complete bust. Hopefully its the first!

  34. Krispy says:

    I love both! So you bet I’m excited about this book! :) I will admit I’m more into steampunk than zombies though, but I think they’re fun.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  35. Nikki archer says:

    I just start it likening Zombies OMG some book are just so good comeing on your blog reading your reviews I said let me try them out and I love it. And steampunk is great to
    Thanks for the give away

  36. Katie says:

    I love zombies, but I haven’t read much steampunk!

  37. JennyC says:

    I think that would be soooo awesome!!

  38. Noelle W. says:

    Even though I haven’t read any thing zombie (since I read a horror book about them in 4th grade and got scared to death), I think it’s a really cool mix! I really like steam punk as well!:)

  39. I’m still learning the official genres for some of these books but I don’t THINK I’ve had much experience with steampunk. However, I’m getting more and more interested in zombie titles. I know you definitely make them seem super awesome so I’ve gotten a few title ideas from your blog. This one included! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  40. Sara M says:

    I love steampunk. I’m a bit pickier about zombies. I like new, fresh takes on zombies more than the horror movie, brainless/brain-eating variety. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. Veronica W. says:

    Great combo! It’s kinda like “Infernal Devices” but with zombies instead of automatons! :)

  42. I think Zombies and Steampunk sounds like a really interesting pair! I would be very interested to see how the two would work together….

  43. Beth says:

    I’m a HUGE steampunk fan and I also love zombies, so mixing the two seems genius to me. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  44. I’m still trying to get into the steam punk thing. But this book looks good!!

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