Book Review: Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry

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Flesh & Bone (Benny Imura #3) by Jonathan Maberry

Reeling from the tragic events of Dust & Decay, Benny Imura and his friends plunge deep into the zombie-infested wastelands of the great Rot & Ruin. Benny, Nix, Lilah and Chong journey through a fierce wilderness that was once America, searching for the jet they saw in the skies months ago. If that jet exists then humanity itself must have survived…somewhere. Finding it is their best hope for having a future and a life worth living.

But the Ruin is far more dangerous than any of them can imagine. They are hunted by fierce animals escaped from zoos and circuses. They must raid zombie-infested towns for food and medical supplies. They discover the very real truth in the old saying: In the Rot & Ruin…everything wants to kill you.

And what is happening to the zombies? Swarms of them are coming from the east, devouring everything in their paths. These zoms are different. Faster, smarter, infinitely more dangerous. Has the zombie plague mutated, or is there something far more sinister behind this new invasion of the living dead?

In Flesh & Bone, Benny Imura, Nix Riley, Lou Chong and Lilah the Lost Girl are pitted against dangers greater than anything they’ve ever faced. To survive, each of them must rise to become the warriors Tom trained them to be.

 Book Review: Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry Book Review: Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry

The Bookish Brunette thought:

I cannot stress enough, the sheer power of Jonathan Maberry‘s writing. I’ve STILL yet to find an author who is able to completely take your breathe away with two sentences, made up of ONE chapter. It STILL manages to take me by total surprise and gives me that little *chill* of… “Damn, he’s good!”

“Benny Imura thought, I’m going to die.”
The hundred zombies chasing him all seemed to agree.

Benny Imura and I have a long standing history… You see, I’ve watched him grow up… I’ve *seen* every trauma, every life altering, life threatening situation he’s faced- I’ve been there! I’ve laughed, I’ve *gasped* in utter horror or complete terror… I’ve cried *bawled like a five year old little girl*… Yeah, the whole shebang okay?

In Dead & Gone (Benny Imura #2.5) we were introduced to the Reapers, a fanatical religious group of killers, bent on ridding the world what’s left of the human population.

The Reapers believe God meant to wipe the Earth clean when the zombies came. So any human still alive is to be “sent into the darkness” (killed and made into a zombie) or join them in their holy mission. Because that’s what GOD wanted.

Help. Me.

But don’t worry, if you skipped Dead & Gone, you’re not going to be confused or lost. Jonathan Maberry goes over their roles again in Flesh & Bone, but I suggest you read the Benny Imura novella anyway – just because its a fantastic mini addition to the series!

Mother Rose is the ideal picture of everything that I find to be wrong with organized religion. They kill ‘in the name of God’. THEIR weapons are holy, because of the reasons their yielding them, while the very same weapons of the enemy are evil because they’re used against them.

“Have no fear children… God will provide… God will save you.” Yeah… BB will quietly walk away.


Jonathan Maberry’s characters are second to NONE. Benny has grown into such a great young man… Chong and Lilah continually rip my heart out… I just can’t say enough, and I can’t say too much much for fear of giving away too much!

“Are… you crazy?” asked Benny reasonably. “Is that it? I just want to know so I can find some useful place to stand in this conversation.”

Now I found that I didn’t LOVE Flesh & Bone with the severity that I usually reserve for this series. I think it was mostly the ending that did it for me… I find myself trying to puzzle out where in the world the Benny Imura series could possibly go after this that would satisfy ME – as a long time fan of the series… Hmmm…

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 Book Review: Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry
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 Book Review: Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry

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  1. I haven’t read this one yet although I’ve been meaning to get round to it. You have me wondering about the ending though.

  2. Still need to read #2! NEED! :D Glad this one still rocks even if it didn’t wow you.

  3. Lauren says:

    I’m the same as Melissa, I still need to finish book two! So glad to hear you’re loving this series so much and that I have a great third book to look forward to. :-) Lovely review!

  4. I’ve devoured them all, and can’t wait for the next novella and novel in the series! That darn Jonathan Maberry… always teasing me with small tidbits on Facebook. hehe. Great review, Ashley!

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