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darkash2527s Book Review: Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry   *Dark Ashs*

Smash Attack & I are BACK, with an EPIC *Dark Ash’s* review of zombie awesome for Zombie Craze!


10779721 Book Review: Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry   *Dark Ashs*

Dead of Night
by Jonathan Maberry

Published: 10/25/2011 by St. Martin’s Press

From Goodreads:
A prison doctor injects a condemned serial killer with a formula designed to keep his consciousness awake while his body rots in the grave.  But all drugs have unforeseen side-effects.  Before he could be buried, the killer wakes up.  Hungry.  Infected.  Contagious.  This is the way the world ends.  Not with a bang…but a bite.

goodreads Book Review: Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry   *Dark Ashs*


BB: Dude. Seriously. THIS is what a freaking ZOMBIE book is SUPPOSED to be right???? What’d you think???

Smash: This is my first journey into Maberry’s mind (I KNOW! Ugh) but I feel I can truly call myself a zombie enthusiast now. This man brings the zombies like no other! Truly impressed and horrified. Loved every minute of it.

BB: Dead of Night COMPLETELY blew me the hell away.

Smash: Such considerate language, dear Ashley. Shall we get real now?

BB: Hehe! I was TRYING to be “appropriate*. I WANTED to say he rocked my fucking face off and then sewed it back on. (too gory) lol

Smash: *snort* Appropriate? It’s the fucking zombie apocalypse! No time for manners, chic! So yea, Maberry is the MAN. I was completely sucked into this backwards ass town, Stebbins County, to be exact, and its pitiful band of survivors. The situation went from bad to really fucking bad in 60 seconds flat.

BB: Too true… RIGHT? Maberry is the king of the goddamn apocalypse. No joke. I was actually totally worried at first, because YOU know how I am about all the scientific/technical details… but it was SO easy to follow everything, that I was just *mouth open* and in “OMG mode” the entire time!!!!

Smash: Yea, the details were easy to follow and I was really grossed out over how zombies came to roam the earth. Those gory scenes where the thing that made them zombies made me gag. I fucking loved it.

BB: Duuuude, Dead of Night was wicked gory!!! The hubs kept asking me WHY I was making “that face”!

Smash: LMAO! You made faces, I made gagging noises. We’re a pair! Ok, what did you think of the zombies with a conscience? My jaw made real nice with my lap during that first scene with the Doc. I thought I would hate it, but it ended up being TERRIFYING.

BB: YES, the zombie with a conscience!!! I was like, oh dear GOD people are going to be like, “This hypocritical bitch!” after my review of Warm Bodies!! Because while I HATED that stupid, “wanna-be” zombie… I think Maberry’s “zombie with a conscience” was completely and totally different on ALL levels! Doc’s MIND was trapped inside his body… So it really doesn’t count, because he couldn’t CONTROL his actions. Right??

“He could feel everything.

Every. Single. Thing.”

God, he begged, let me die.

But his own voice whispered to him, I’m already dead.

He hung trapped in darkness, an unwilling passenger, unable to move so much as a finger or a nostril. Nothing.”

Smash: That is some creepy shit. *shivers* Eerie beyond all belief. Dear Lawdie Above. *prayer hands* I’m not the best behaved little chickie on the block, but PLEASE do not let me have a conscience if I become a meatskin. How these zombies were created – why the first even came to be – was disgustingly brilliant on a horrific level. Take one off-kilter doctor with a vengeful attitude, add a sadistic serial killer and you get the zombie apocalypse, peeps! Maberry smacks you upside the head with WTFckery!

BB: OMG RIGHT???? That entire scenario- from the scientist’s ‘motives’ to the carrying out of his revenge… was just… JESUS CHRIST- insane!

Smash: It was wicked insane! I loved how Maberry portrayed the ease of transmission, too. It was easy to see how all hell would break loose. And it did!

BB: YES!!! You know how easily confused I am, and I LOVED how easily I completely understood everything that was happening and HOW it was spreading!

Smash: Maberry did not take the deeply analytical or seriously scientific route. He laid it out all nicely on gore-filled pages.

BB: Gore-filled pages of awesomely badass zombie carnage. I was totally too scared to freaking go outside and smoke after dark while reading Dead of Night. It truly sent freaking chills through my entire body on more than one occasion!

Smash: The goriest scenes for me were when the conscious zombies could feel their er, zombie-making issue. I was literally squealing and itching my skin and jumping around from any little thing that fell on me, like a cat’s tail or piece of lint.

BB: So with you there! AND when we were privy to the thoughts of the Homer guy. SERIOUSLY. FREAKED. ME. OUT.

Smash: Being in that lunatic’s mind was EPIC. I loved how maniacal and twisted and plain ole crazy that SOB was. THAT insight, though it wasn’t real, felt real. Maberry knows his antisocial personality disorder serial killers!

BB: Maberry has literally just baffled me with how much I freaking loved this book. I totally didn’t expect to like it much. LOL

Smash: It’s ok to admit that you have a twisted side to your personality. I admit it freely. Join me.

BB: Ha! It’s not that, I just knew going in that this was going to be a different sort of book than I usually read! Like, alright… the back of the book- First line:

A prison doctor… blah blah, yada yada…

Meh… I guarantee I never would’ve read this book, had you not said we should review it for Dark Ash’s and it was Zombie Craze! Holy CRAP, okay we HAVE to talk about the Aunt chick. Aunt Selma??? I’m actually at a loss for words. I loved her character. I DO wish she would’ve been explored a bit further!

Smash: She creeped my ass out, but I get your point. She had a short stint in the book and then Homer pays her a house call, and well, life changes for Auntie Selma. Soooo…I know you loved Dez, right? I was thinking of you the entire book because I knew you would be drawn to her BAMFness. (What the hell is BAMFness? – Bad. Ass. Mother. Fucker. -ness. lol – Ooooh EPIC WIN!) She was a broken and damaged police officer with enough fire to burn down the Amazon rainforest. Dez brought the pain. Homegirl was not going out without a bang. Case in point:

“Stupid cow,” Dex snarled.

Despite everything, JT smiled. “You have a real way with people, Dez. Charm and poise and–”

“We’re one half sentence away from me kneecapping you and leaving you here for these dead fuckers to eat.”

“Point taken,” he said, and they kept running.

BB: HOLY SHIT! Dez was SO freaking AWESOME!!!!!!! I loved her something FIERCELY hardcore! I would absolutely have Dez for a partner during the zombie apocalypse!!!

Smash: I loved her one-liners. Her mouth was as fierce as her drop kick.

“What in the deep blue fuck are you doing here, you asshole?”

This was spoken to love interest Billy, a local reporter. Actually, Billy loved her way more than she loved him, but only because she needed an apocalyptic massacre to allow her to see the truth. See kids! There is always room for romance! Anywho, I adored Billy throughout the entire book. He never gave up on her. I wanted to squeeze him.

BB: I thought Billy was such a great character dude! He had SUCH freaking DEVOTION to Dez that it damn near broke me in two!

“If Dez was infected, if she was truly lost to him forever, then he would use Volker’s gun and give her peace… and then he would join her. If he could not have her in life, then he would follow her into death.”

But there weren’t any like OVERLY romantic tones… This was a ZOMBIE “tear your throat out” book through and through. Billy and Dez’s  love was just ominous and wicked heartfelt!

Smash: Their romance took a backseat to the drama, but it was present and known. Now, I have to comment on the ending. I LOVED THE END! It could not have ended any more perfect. It was like the perfect ending to a scary movie that leaves you screaming into the night. I closed the book so satisfied and damn freaked out. Win!

BB: OH dear LORD, SO did I!!!! It was completely EPIC. Just when I thought… Well, that was really, really good! Wait… so what happened to the freaky eye guy??? Then… BAM!!!!

*snort* In yo face, bitches! Or more accurately, in yo skin and eating yo face off. Booyah!

BB: Totally eating your faces off (and making you like it!)

“Windy like that, you don’t hold on to something, next thing you know you’re wearing ruby slippers and skipping down a yellow brick road.”

(Is it presumptuous to assume every throwback to the Wizard of Oz in a zombie book is a tribute to me? *ponders*)

 The Bookish Brunette’s rating:

5 Stilettos Book Review: Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry   *Dark Ashs*

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 Book Review: Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry   *Dark Ashs*
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 Book Review: Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry   *Dark Ashs*

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14 Responses to Book Review: Dead of Night by Jonathan Maberry – *Dark Ash’s*

  1. Jenny says:

    “Gore-filled pages of awesomely badass zombie carnage.”

    Clearly not at all the book for me, but you guys crack me up! I just have to say, I don’t want my face eaten off. I’m kind of a fan of it where it is:)

    The two of you just make me happy. That is all:)

  2. Ummm yes…totally need to read this now! You girls are so freaking awesome!! Loved reading this!!! (It reminded me a bit of our group chats during month of indie epicness!!) You chick have got me dying to read this book now!! Love you girls hardcore!!

  3. Felicia says:

    I loved this book! I mean seriously it just rocked!

    YEP–just saying everyone should read it! Run not walk to your nearest store :)

  4. Randi M says:

    I love this review. :) Adding this to my list! Planning to read Rot & Ruin soon, but this looks good too. Thank you, ladies!

  5. LURVED Dead of Night! (and Mr Maberry is awesome), but even more, I LOVED your review. You girls rock!

  6. Omg YES!! I loved this one! Dez even made top 10 my favorite characters of 2011. And the ending… Oh freaking snap!

  7. Exactly what I’m afraid of. If I go into Maberry’s mind, I might never come out!!!

    I’m loving the sound of the romance. There, but in the background. And Billy saying he’d kill Dez if he had to then kill himself — oddly sweet!

  8. I’m so freaking happy I have this book! Now I just need to get to it.

    I love you both when you do these! Makes my day!

  9. I love this review~~ I have this book on the Kindle! Must push it up the list!! =D

    Love you gals!

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