Thinking too Hard: Panties Twisted- Bloggers (Part 1)

Thinking Too Hard1 Thinking too Hard: Panties Twisted  Bloggers (Part 1)

I have some great ideas on hoe to make you a better person. Thinking too Hard: Panties Twisted  Bloggers (Part 1)Alright, I just can’t not say anything ANYMORE.

Book bloggers have gone FREAKING INSANE since the Story Siren went all grabby grabby plagiarist on everyone. And I GET it. Everyone is all up in arms, ready to throw the gauntlet over NOTHING.

STOP IT. Just freaking STOP IT.

The other day, I get an email from one of my FAV chicks Barbara from Basia’s Bookshelf, who was so VERY politely asking if I would be upset if her and this other blogger did a feature sort of like mine and Alexa’s Pages of Bookish Love (swapping blogs thing).

And she said it PERFECTLY:

“I know as bloggers, we’re supposed to be all sensitive and cause controversy and be offended a lot, but I was hoping you wouldn’t be. icon smile Thinking too Hard: Panties Twisted  Bloggers (Part 1) Are we all good? No horse head in my bed? Seriously though, I don’t want you to be offended, I know meme-stealing is a crapola thing and that’s why we want to make sure we credit anyone and everyone who may have something similar.”

Right? Lol! Dude, of course I’m glad she asked… Because say it was some chick I didn’t know, then I MAY have been a LITTLE offended. But probably not.

Here is MY opinion: IDEAS are meant to be expanded, molded, changed and built into something else. SURE, they may always resemble the original “meme”… And WHO CARES? So what???? A good idea is a good idea. PERIOD.

Case in point:

I emailed Amanda @ On a Book Bender and LITERALLY asked if I could  take EVERY bit of her Clock Rewinders idea and *spoof* it for Loretta and I. And she loved the idea, now THIS concept is different if you’ve checked out either of our posts- bc I SERIOUSLY took everything and just made a new banner for me and Loretta. And at the bottom of EACH AND EVERY post I will credit Amanda & Tara bc it was in no way, shape or form MY idea and I don’t want anyone to THINK it was.

Now, THAT being said- there is a difference in taking an IDEA and making it your own (Seriously, think: Coke/Pepsi, Whopper/Quarter Pounder…) and taking someone else’s CONTENT/reviews/thoughts/WORDS and hitting COPY & PASTE. That is DIFFERENT and in NO way acceptable. But LEARN the difference people.

Such as:

A good blogger friend of mine started a book to movies type feature (I don’t know if she wants to be named- so I’m not going to.) and was emailed by ANOTHER blogger who does a book/movie feature and demanded “asked” her to NOT do the feature in question anymore.

WHAT? Holy CRAP. Alright, let’s email IMBD and tell them they aren’t allowed to announce movies coming out that may have been BOOKS first. Because “you” (whom I’ve never heard of before) do a book/movie post that two people comment on every two freaking WEEKS.

Help me. Seriously, this crap makes me want to slit my wrists in order to get away from the bullshit. My blogger friend handled it better than I could have… I’d have told her in just so many words, how many ways to “Kiss my fabulous ass.”

Then there’s THIS:

(and NO I didn’t change her spelling, or make the punctuation incorrect in order to make her sound… like she does.)


OK everyone I did add another alias for myself. On live Journal I am also known as Monster girl inc. So don’t be to confessed when you see that . I am the Mona Lisa of horror. And I will stand by that to the end. Due to another blogger calling herself Queen Zombie or Zombie queen. Which is fine you were here long before I . So it is only fair. Why am I rambling on , but anyhow I am still Lady Zombie or Monster Girl. Now on with the line up.

*from Lady Journal’s post here*

What I’d like to know, is WHY did she find it necessary to be catty and hateful? Guess WHAT chick? I don’t know you.

Someone ELSE pointed out this “cute” little post to me. And I’m SO very sorry that I apparently took the “Zombie Queen” title. But dear Lord, GROW UP. Did she really feel it was right to shit all over me by being nasty about it? Good thing it’s “fine” with her that i call myself the Zombie Queen, because I was TOTALLY seeking her permission.

Do we blog about books or who took what “alias” before we could get it? Jesus GROW UP.

The reason I felt the previous ridiculousness need to be posted, was NOT to because I am trying to be catty and hypocritical. For instance- I do NOT want the Zombie Queen‘s Zombie Princesses of Badass to go into attack/war mode… I just wanted to specifically point out that bloggers have gotten UNNECESSARILY defensive.

That this Library Lady, Lady Zombie, Monster Girl who loves horror novels felt the urge to make it known that SHE should be the Zombie Queen.

Now would she have said, “Since The Bookish Brunette currently holds the title of Zombie Queen… yada, yada.” but no, she had to act as if she couldn’t RECALL the title that she was so exasperated over NOT HAVING …  “Due to another blogger calling herself Queen Zombie or Zombie queen.

There has just been FAR too much of “this is mine”, “you stole this idea”, we have all started pitting one another AGAINST the other. WHEN did that happen?

All of the catty, high school DRAMA has TO STOP.

What did this post accomplish? Absolutely nothing. I probably even pissed some people off. But you know what? I don’t care anymore. When I STARTED book blogging it WAS NOT this way. And I HATE what it’s become.



Seriously, am I alone in this? Does anyone else feel like everyone has gone completely crazy?

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 Thinking too Hard: Panties Twisted  Bloggers (Part 1)
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 Thinking too Hard: Panties Twisted  Bloggers (Part 1)

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86 Responses to Thinking too Hard: Panties Twisted- Bloggers (Part 1)

  1. I totally agree. I just have to shake my head sometimes at the craziness. And I absolutely agree about the defensiveness – people seriously need to chill.

  2. I agree with you! Everyone should be able to share Ideas etc without all the hostility. It is not good for publisher or authors to go to a persons blog an see all kinds of negative or hateful things. I myself am a “Newbie” Book Blogger an I very much am disgusted when I go on a blog an see that sort of stuff. I graduated High School 10yrs ago an left all that catty stuff there most of us are adults we should act like it! We need to set a good example for everyone reading our blogs no matter if its another book blogger or a person in grade school.

  3. Alexia says:

    Great post! It is ridiculous that people still carry on like this… you are totally right in your rant and I back you 100%! For me personally, when I see people being catty or bitchy towards another blogger I kinda just step back and evaluate if I want to carry on following their blog. 9/10 times I remove them from my blogroll!
    My blog was ‘ragged’ on by an author last week – excusing myself and my co-blogger of trying to get traffic to the blog – WTF?! Why does everything have to be so fucking childish? Why do people have to ‘attack’ each other over stupid shit? Grow the fuck up, or grow a pair of balls and confront me in person. It’s amazing how brave a person can be behind a computer screen, miles away… *shakes head* Wish this would all just end! Ok, I’m done with my 2 cents :) Thank you for being the ULTIMATE ZOMBIE QUEEN!

    • Thank you dollface!

      YES! It is COMPLETELY amazing how “brave” and shitty people will be when they’re behind a computer screen!

      So I’m assuming you left a less than positive review and the author was super mad right?

  4. Anna says:

    Ok, really? People are acting a “little” bit crazy concerning many things lately, but that’s plainly stupid. I’ve seen more than enough times bloggers taking an idea and expanding it, making it theirs. Is that stealing? Well, after all that fiasco with The Story Siren how many memes that resemble IMM made their appearance? Should anyone accuse these bloggers of plagiarism?
    How many bloggers have lists with upcoming releases, myself included? Is that stealing?
    Really that’s a rather long discussion but let’s face it, not that many ideas nowadays come from scratch. Most expand already out there ideas into making something new and fresh. Maybe we should chill out a bit. It’s enough the whole authors vs bloggers thing, we shouldn’t go over bloggers vs bloggers as well. After all we all have one thing in common and that’s our love for reading. And in dealing with such things the whole time, we waste time, otherwise better invested. I’m just saying…

  5. Jessica M @ I Read to Relax says:

    I loved this post. I absolutely agree that plaigirism is wrong and unforgivable. I also agree that not many people out there are truly identifying real plaigirism. At this point, with the whole bloggers vs. librarians, authors vs. bloggers, and bloggers vs. bloggers culture that seems to be pervading the webosphere, I’ve kind of pulled back from Twitter and I just blog for me. I’ve always just blogged for me, but I’ve stopped trying at all to put my blog out there. It’s just too easy to get sucked into the whole controversy scene. I’d rather just putter along happily under the radar and let people find and enjoy my blog if they may…

  6. Most of the ideas going around the web are variations of other things. That’s how the world works. That’s how the beloved collections of words that every book lover holds close to their heart was created. We are all influenced by each other whether we know that person or not. Please tell me a song or story or movie that isn’t heavily influenced by a work created before it. I don’t think it’s possible.

    The way I’d handle things: If you feel that you’re going to copy word for word the person’s idea, be polite and ask (like her Highness, The Zombie Queen did). If you like the idea but have your own twist, forget about it. It’s not needed. I personally would at least mention/refer readers to the original blog where the idea came from….but I’d probably only put that in the intro post about the meme.

    I see it this way: On my blog I do two regular series of posts. I have Authors We Love & Aged Pages. One explores an author either the guest or myself admires for whatever reasons that may be. Is that original? Probably not. Did I see it somewhere else? I don’t think so, but I’m sure something like it’s out there. The other series explores used bookstores and what makes them matter to me…another idea that I came up with “myself.” I use quotes because subconsciously we can be aware of SO MUCH. That’s what most influence is in life. Stuff didn’t know we were holding onto.

    Bottom line, if it’s not a direct carbon copy people should back off….or at least approach the “criminal” professionally and explain things like a civilized human being. Attacks whether passive aggressive (which I think is too popular in today’s world) or directly aggressive are uncalled for.

    Long live the Zombie Queen! Kicking Zombie ass since before anyone else ;-)

    (wow that was a bit of a rant, sorry for making you suffer through it :-P )

    • See I still think there should be bee and original features and such… but dear lord, GOOD LUCK right?

      Like your Authors We Love thing… there’s probably 15 “variations” or that very thing that I could name right now! Whether they host different authors every week or other bloggers talking about their fav authors and so on and so forth… but the MAIN FOCUS and whole point is SPOTLIGHTING authors we admire right?!

      So who cares?! In the end we’re allaccomplishing the same thing.and I think ppl are worried one person’s may be more accepted or “popular” than theirs and they get pissed off!

  7. Okay, so I love this blog and I adore Ash and Everything that goes on here. This post sums up pretty much everything that is going on everywhere. It seems like book blogging or authoring or whatever people are doing is the end-all-do-all. I think it’d be awesome if people fought about the important things again… oh, wait, but then would they? Because usually important things result in action and these types of things don’t have any real action to take and don’t mess with the world overall. It’s stupid.
    I don’t follow a lot of book bloggers – Aussie Zombie, Bookish Brunette to name two of my faves. The ones I do follow, however, seem to be professional and fun and totally my type of people. I don’t have the time to sit around and think up ways to crap on someone else and these book bloggers seem to be in for the reason I’m at their site – to read good books and talk about ways to get them out there. I love that. I’m all for that. I’m going to continue to steer clear of the troublemakers.
    I *heart* you Zombie Queen. You’re awesome.
    And what the h-e-c-k is a meme?

    • Haha!!! A “meme” is lime a feature or event abligger hosts! Like say I did Zombie Awesomeness every week … and invited people to link up and join in with their own posts about the same thing? Does that make sense?

      And actually I really like that idea… I think I shall do something like it! Lol

  8. Felicia says:

    Quite frankly, it annoys me because guess what —I haven’t seen a single feature, meme, ect that truly is ORIGINAL. Seriously in the history of media almost everything has been done in one form or another by a blogger, newspaper, magazine, ect. So getting all up in the air over something that truly isn’t yours to begin with just seems a bit—stupid. Seriously, grow up and put on your big girl (boy) panties. Quite frankly, even the names we use for our blogs our not ours (unless you have gone and paid to get the copyrighted–that is right that free copyright does not apply to those) so if someone wanted to call themselves your name they can. You getting all snippy isn’t going to do a thing about it.

    I swear my grandma needs to get her rolling pin after some of these people :)

  9. Sherre says:

    The way I see it, these people obviously wish they were you. I mean, come on, why else would you feel the need to attack someone who has a larger fan base and more of a reason to take on said alias/title (seriously, I checked out said person’s page. and saw very little “monster” or any book remotely frightening that would lead me to believe she even deserves that title. At lease you read a hell of a lot of zombie books that earns you the title…but I digress) In old society, when people wanted to overthrow the king/queen they found ways of turning their followers against them and making them seem unworthy of the title. (I’m making this up based on the many episodes of the Tudors I watched) That seems to be what she’s TRYING to do. The funny thing though, is that all the copying, and hateful commentary, and mean/spiteful PSA’s those little bloggers are doing, all they’re really doing is giving the better blogger more traffic and viewership.

    I hate this kind of stuff because it somehow seems to make me sometimes feel the need to go down to their level to deal with it instead of rising above as you did, and rising above just makes you worth the Zombie Queen title even more. After all, like every (most) zombie movie/book seems to agree that the way to get away from zombies is to get to higher ground/buildings, and that’s all you’re doing here.

    Okay I’m rambling. All done!

  10. I saw this post on my phone while having a cig break and I just had to run back to my desk and say ‘thank f*ck someone has finally said it!’ – this whole infighting thing is just ridiculous. No one is the God of the Internet, and no one has exclusive ‘rights’ over any idea – yes it’s polite to link back if your adapting an idea you saw somewhere else, but what about if you are adapting an idea from someone who adapted an idea from someone else and didn’t link them? Are we going to spend hours scouring the dusty corners of the internet looking to see who ‘originally’ came up with an idea? Um….NO!

    We’re not in primary school anymore, and it’s not a popularity contest and anyone who sees it that way is just kidding themselves.

    In the end the only people that look stupid are the ones that continually perpetuate this all-out-war trend – who really thinks this is going to get them any type of positive attention?!

    As always Ashley, you’ve said everything I wanted to say!

    • Omg! Right? That’s exactly what people have done! “let’s go to war!”

      Oh dear Lord! I’m 28! I’m have 2kids, a husband, a FREAKING LIFE.. If I’m going to war, it certainly won’t be with a BLOGGER. Ugh!

  11. Theresa says:

    Could NOT agree with you more, Ashley! It’s ridiculous, childish, and not the way it used to be. Book bloggers were a tight-knit group that worked TOGETHER to accomplish the same goal. I don’t know what makes some of them think they have the right, but I’m tired of watching it. Seriously, people… it was once said that being copied is the highest form of a compliment. Take it as that and keep on keepin’ on. (With the exception of plagiarism, of course.)

    • RIGHT?! Holy crap! The closeness of the book blogging community was my FAV part of being a book blogger! Now I’m hesitant about making new blogger friends or getting involved in anything because I’m worried about WHO I might offend with the CRAP!

      It’s pure ridiculousness!

  12. The problem is ego. Like someone said above, the gal is probably envious of your blog (I know I am!) and is taking shots at you because you have such a great fan base! What do I do? Firstly as a new blogger I’m still learning all that is out there, as I come across a site I like, I tend to study it. See what that person is doing to drive traffic to their site, see what they have on their site that continues to bring people to it, etc!! And then I may email that person saying great job! I love your site and I have a few questions. I’ve actually done that a few times already.

    We need to sit back and help each other. Like many have said, we all love books. Why cause drama because my little blog isn’t as great as someone that has been around for 5 years!? Learn what you can and then pass that fabulous knowledge onto someone else that is new and loves reading! :D

    • Well, I didn’t mean me specifically… I rarely try to start “new” things or create memes because of ALL THE WORK involved! And honestly, I’m happy to help new bloggers out as long as I have the time or have a COMPETENT answer to their question! Lol

  13. Awesome post chick!! Seriously, sometimes I am terrified to post something out of fear that someone will attack me about it. It’s a shame that we have to feel like we are walking on eggshells instead of just being able to say or do what we want on our personal blog, that a lot of us pay for to self host or purchase our domain name. I hate the drama, I hate the cattiness!! I wish everyone would just chill and get along. We all do this because we enjoy it and it’s stupid that people feel the need to turn it into something else. Obviously plagiarism is a big no no, but people are getting all crazy about memes and names and whatever. It really is ridiculous!!

    • It seriously is- and if we don’t put a stop to it soon, authors and publishers are going to decide we’re not worth the trouble. Seriously.

      And it’s just all gotten to be too much! I have an idea, I have to research it to DEATH before I post ANYTHING because someone, SOMEWHERE- MIGHT have posted something similar to it 6 months ago.


  14. Yes, Yes, YES!!! I think I just had a blog-gasm (sorry about that!). I’ve had this discussion so many times w/Autumn. I’m not going to babble here, b/c you’ve said everything perfectly.

    Thanks, as always, for your honesty. This post was pretty badass.

    • I just choked on my coffee… Seriously, it just came out of my nose at blogasm. Not even joking! BAHAHA!!!

      I’m so tired of the CRAP that has been going on that unjust couldn’t NOT say anything anymore!

  15. Great discussion!

    I think Kat put it perfectly when she said: “No one is the God of the Internet, and no one has exclusive ‘rights’ over any idea.”

    When did we get all catty towards one another? I had PLENTY of that in high school and I’m done with it. I started book blogging because of my love of books. Aren’t we ALL here because of our love of books? Just look at all the BOOKS that have the same kind of ideas — girl moves to new town, girl and boy fall in love, problems ensue, girl and boy prevail and live happily ever after.


    I agree that people need to chill out. Just read the books! Blog about the books! Spread the love about the books! Don’t bitch about other people just because it’s easy to do when you’re behind the safety of your computer. It’s just not cool.

    New blogger or old blogger, we’re all constantly learning, we’re all constantly CHANGING. We really need to remember that we’re here for the books and we really should be helping one another, not trying to make others feel like they’re not good enough or that they don’t belong.

    Thanks for this!

  16. Jeff Rivera says:

    You are definitely right. Blogs are created for people to share the same interest and interact not destroy and annoy each other. I am glad you shared what you felt with us. Great post Ashley.

  17. Yea everyone pretty much just has their panties in a bunch. I mean lets face it, were on the Internet with a billion other people so more than likely our idea has probably already been done somewhere. No idea is really original anymore and unless someone is outright stealing or plagiarizing from you its nothing to.get your pantries in a bunch over.

  18. Isalys says:

    I didn’t get a Twitter account until about a year after we started blogging so my level of exposure to other blogs was considerably less than it is now, but I still feel it’s safe to say that bloggers were far less catty or defensive then.

    I don’t think it started with the whole TSS debacle, but it certainly didn’t help matters. Everyone has gotten their hackles up and haven’t quite figured out how to relax yet. Yes, it sucks to have your ideas or words stolen but it’s time that people figured out the difference. In addition to that, people need to remember that you get a helluva lot more with honey than you do with vinegar. BE KIND!! There’s no need to get pissy unless the situation absolutely calls for it.

    • See, it’s like maybe I just didn’t start PAYING attention until the Story Siren crap. Which- you know me… It’s totally possible, that’s what happen. I tend to live in my own little bubble until things come to a BLINDING “LOOK HERE CHICK!” realization…


  19. Thank you so much for this post! I agree with every word. All of this cattiness has gone too far, and it’s making book blogging less fun. I wish it would stop too.

    Sorry that person felt the need to be rude to you. That was totally uncalled for.

  20. Cecelia says:

    As everyone has already said…

    It’s not just you.

    We’re all sick of the atmosphere right now.

    If there’s a way out of the cycle of toxicity and distrust, I haven’t seen it yet.

    And so I will stay silent and isolated. Sad? Yes. But real. In the meantime, I appreciate you speaking up, and a loud ‘BRAVO!’ for saying what you feel.

    • Oh my god right?! I just can’t see an end… And I honestly don’t know HOW to go about TRYING to stop all of it?

      Sure, “Just don’t participate in the crap.” and while I USUALLY don’t… Sometimes it’s just too much to freaking take!

  21. Krista says:

    I have to agree that blogging has become very stressful in the last year, always afraid of doing a post because you’ll be attacked by other bloggers, authors, readers, publicists etc. Social media has a way of playing the whisper game, in which each time something is tweeted or tumblr’d the story becomes more exaggerated and as a result causing harm to everybody in it’s path.
    The biggest pet peeve I’ve experienced is getting pulled into a lump of “all book bloggers” stealing arc’s or ideas or forming cliques.
    In this day and age there is just not enough space to be unique. Every idea is built upon something somebody else has done. Sure a different spin on an idea is always welcomed and enjoyed by most and if done well enough is and wonderful new idea (that somebody else will eventually grab up) and the more drama, the more hits people get and see that drama brings attention and thus stop blogging about books and just blogging drama and get to be the most popular blog out there, but that attention hurts my heart. What happened to the book in “book blogger”?

    • AGREED chick. For real!

      That’s why I hate even wasting space on posts like this! I COULD be posting about the AMAZING new books coming out next week, or how Pushing the Limits COMPLETELY blew me away… But NOOOO… I’m wasting precious time on posts about “drama”.

      And te thing I hate the most, is I feel like I’m ADDING to it by posting this- not HELPING. But I get to the point where I feel like I MAY go into “self destruct mode” at any second- and I have to say something!

  22. Krista says:

    Oh forgot to say, thanks for the post, it’s super nice to know that I’m not alone in my thoughts about the direction of book bloggers today.

  23. Alexa says:

    Sigh blogging was once so much more than this petty drama.
    One can only hope to avoid all of the drama as much as possible and just pass it off when someone says something. I know I have gotten involved in something a time or two but I’ve always tried to do the right thing and to not take someone’s idea or anything like that.

    You are right though, we all have our ideas and it just so happens that there are a lot of the same idea just done a little differently on each blog. I’m only still here because I like to think that people still like what I post on my own blog. I’m sure the day someone comes to attack me is the day I write a post like this.

    You are always going to be THE Zombie Queen in my book. :)

    • Dude, the day someone attacks YOU – is the DAY I literally lose my shit. No joke. It won’t be pretty.

      I want to pinpoint the exact moment it became a “problem” to post our actual OPINIONS. I just hate it! :(

      And thank you darling! <3 I love you something fiercely hardcore!

      Did you & Johnny watch Bill & Ted yet??? :D

  24. Well, you pretty much know where I stand on this. I have only been doing this since November of last year, so I have mostly stayed out of anything involving drama, minus the insanely horrid chick and her lame email. That is besides the point though. Some of the stuff I do read that is happening, is just INSANE. Really, what is the point? Everyone has idea, but there are only SO MANY ways that one can work the very same idea that someone else had. There are only so many ways to make it DIFFERENT before it all starts blending back together again.

    Honestly, I blog because I LOVE the books I read. I like to share them, because I know others like the same things that I do. I have also learned about a TON of new book from other bloggers and made GREAT friends while doing all of this. Like Alexa said though – sticking around is simply because I think people actually TAKE something away from my blog, which in the end, is the entire point, right?

  25. OMG THANK-FREAKING-YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, being a fairly new blogger I was SO excited when I started. I reached out to a handful of bloggers that I had followed prior to blogging and introduced myself. I was blown away with how nice everyone one was and how helpful. Offers to post my button, answer questions, provide assistance poured in from a number of outlets. Well, that was in April, now come July, I fear every time I post something. I avoid Twitter convos unless having general conversation with people I know and I have stopped completely with reaching out to anyone. I also had a Blogger’s Life weekly post I was doing that I have discontinued until I feel comfortable.

    Then, Friday night I was sitting working on things and was like WTF happened to all the open arms that were there when I started. I shouldn’t blog in fear. So, I decided F* it, I started blogging to expand a hobby of mine and I’m not going to let this crap infringe on that. I’ve got better things to worry about, like reading the fantastic books that are sitting in my TBR pile or finishing my new layout. Doesn’t everyone else? Apparently not.

    Perspective – if people didn’t improve upon others ideas we would still be boiling water to take showers…so next time these people are standing in the shower washing themselves with running water, a drain, shampoo, soap…maybe they need to think about the fact that if we ran down every person who improved someone else’s idea then, we would be bathing out of tubs after other people…sick shit…

    So, again, thank you and I hope that everyone spreads the word of this post…because it seems the book blogging community needs some perspective and you couldn’t have said it better.

    I will no longer fear that my idea is someone else’s or vs. versa – hell I would do pirouettes if I saw something that I posted reworked by someone else – because that means PEOPLE ARE READING either my blog or books – I don’t care either one means that at the end of the day I’m successful.

    I will no longer fear when posting a negative review – I have yet to meet a blogger that posts a negative review with the intent to bash the Author and I sure as hell don’t.

    I will no longer fear when posing a DNF review – as a previous non-blogger, I know that I read DNF reviews and sometimes it CAUSED me to purchase a book so, right, wrong, who gives a flying F* what others think, I know what I feel in my heart and that’s what matters on MY BLOG, not the authors, not some other bloggers, MY BLOG, with my purchased domain, on the hosted server I pay for.

    We stand together in handing out the big girl panties cause it sounds like there are a handful of people who need them…

    • Ok that was a bit long winded – sorry – but I nearly fell out of my chair when I read your post and my word vomit began!

      • LMAO!!!!

        That ROCKED my face off dude! You should post THAT on your blog! AND you should TOTALLY start doing your Bloggers Life Weekly again! Granted, I can’t promise there’s a lot of POSITIVE going on… Lol

        I’d have to stalk your old posts to see exactly what it consisted of first! Haha!!

        Yes! You completely bought your own domain and we have the right to post and say whatever we want as long as we ARE still respecting bloggers and authors.

        • It has been done…
          I feel part vigilante…part crazy soapbox lady, either way I feel a bit lighter for getting it out.
          Now I will get back to the nifty gritty and get some reviewin’ done!

          Oh and I will mention again – can’t wait to see part II, maybe I’ll let my Gemini Freak Flag Fly then too, though she is kinda tired, she’s really not used to so much action!

  26. A-friggin-greed. I made a mistake before (huge mistake) with plagiarism of a request/policy page that I was going to use as a template but accidentally put the other bloggers info on my page, instead of mine, when I launched the blog. But I also maned up took full responsibility for not being thorough enough, apologized, took down the information, and admitting it on my blog via a post to all my followers, whom I believed has a right to know, with no arguments and within 24 hours. Because, it was my fault completely and I have been very cautious with everything that I post since. However, I’ve seen, as I’m not just a blogger but a follower of many many blogs, all the posts about plagiarism everywhere, and some things are getting out of control. Copy and pasting…yup super bad. Using memes….really? Shouldn’t you be happy that someone is impressed with your work. DON’T get me wrong you should definitely provide props to the creators of the themes, but I review some movies on my blog too and yes, some of them are books before they are movies. I mean, I’m a book reviewer wouldn’t that make sense that I comment on the transformation from book to film? I hope I don’t get a hate filled e-mail with viruses or something. Not to mention I do a simple meme on my blog called….wait for it: Quotes. Yup, extremely original, right? Basically I take 5-10 quotes that I liked out of my recent read and post them. Now, I haven’t seen any other blog that I subscribe to do it, but if someone started I really wouldn’t care. Its doesn’t have some extremely clever name that took be an entire day to think up, and its not really that creative. If someone took my graphics…that’s a different things. If I straight out stole someone’s meme and provided no credit…another bad things. But something as simple as reviewing movies that were books I would have to agree that no one really can stake a claim on that big one. Next thing you know Cover Reveals will be copyrighted, or even mentioning a book we are waiting for will be our butts in court. I just think that some people are trying too hard to be the top and trying to stick out and be unique. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but we are reviewing books. We’re not the cupcake shop down the street so, shouldn’t our primary objective be reading and reviewing books to the best of our ability and providing honest feedback on all things books? We need to get back to the basics and stop all the bickering. Like I said we should all have respect for one another and our work, but we shouldn’t over analyze things and freak out trying to scratch out way to the top. Hey if two people a week read one of my reviews, or one person adds the book to their To-Be-Read-Shelf then I think my fantastic HOBBIE has rewarded me enough.

    P.s Bookish Brunette your beautiful and original graphics make me jealous, and for that I respect you.

  27. Stephanie D. says:

    BB – I think your way of crediting Amanda and Tara and being very upfront about it is a great example of how bloggers should treat each other. I had a blogger contact me about using quite a bit of my post. I loved how she asked my permission and also credited me in her own post once it did publish. I felt flattered and it was a positive experience all around.

  28. I lurve you so much. You Win. Always.

    We all need to get off our high horses and stop being so dramatic. I get enough drama in my day job (when I have one!) and I started book blogging to ESCAPE that shit. I also did not start book blogging so I could be transported back to middle school and witness ridicule and bullying and fucking immaturity run rampant across my computer screen.

    Be respectful. Be responsible and professional. Be mature. Be fucking grateful and appreciative.

    Stop with the whining and histrionic behavior. It does not bring positive attention to you.

  29. *sigh*
    Blogging has become a chore. I have fun seldom.
    It’s shit like this. You should NOT have to spend the time in your day to write this post and it pisses me off.
    I would rather spend my day cleaning then fucking log into the blogging world, just to learn there was name calling, bitching & complaining while I was gone. Who wants to deal with this stuff? Not me, and before I ever will I swear to you I will walk the fuck away. This makes me NOT want to do anything, because I TELL YOU WHAT IF I DECIDED TO DO SOMETHING AND SOMEONE EMAILED ME TALKING SHIT THEY WOULD HAVE A wake up call. Because I would go the hell off. Bottom Line. I am nice, YES, but I have more angry chemicals then I do feel good ones, and I do nothing to no one, as do you. so they best back up. and yeah.
    I am about so done. JUST DONE!!!

    <3 you ZOMBIE QUEEN. The one. The only! ;)

  30. Jenny says:

    This year seems to be so much more dramatic than years past, it’s gotten out of control just like you said. I feel like we’re all walking on eggshells trying not to offend one another, and in doing so, manage to cause offense where none was intended. It’s so strange and, frankly, disheartening. I’m hoping at some point in the not-too distant future we can get back to a place where we all love to talk about books and chat with authors and do the things we wanted to do when we all started:)

    Much love Ashley:)

  31. You hit the nail on the freaking head. I’ve been internally ranting about this subject (internally) for months now. I feel like the community has changed a LOT since I started, like, a year and a half ago. It’s gotten to the point where in the last couple of months I’ve practically disengaged from the community because it’s ridiculous. If you have to look over your shoulder with every single thing you write, is it still fun?

    To those who cause drama: GROW THE F* UP.
    To people like you who tell it like it is: THANK YOU. I hope everyone listens

  32. Agreed to a certain extent.. they always say that copying is the “best form of flattery” but I don’t necessarily hold that school of thought 100%. If someone worked hard to come up with a great idea, or otherwise, why not be proud of it and want to have a bit of ownership of it? That’s what copyright is for.. protecting people’s ideas and work.
    Yes, like you said, it’s great when people let you know.. whether it’s asking for permission or even just a heads up, that’s the proper way to do it. Like many, I’ve seen instances where people don’t and, in that case, it’s left up to that person on how the respond to it – whether apologetic or in denial. I’ve seen it go both ways and the uglier way of denying it is always what stirs up the controversy. Those who say “Sorry. My bad.” are the ones that people are more willing to forgive and become less controversial.

    • Sure, I get it…

      But really there are 15 different “cover love” posts… 20 different “book feature of “THIS” type” posts… So YES, I get working really hard on something.

      Like I work for MONTHS and MONTHS on Zombie Craze… does that mean I should be super mad when anyone has a zombie themed month/week/reading challenge?

      I don’t think so. That’s not fair.

      • No, I get that.. I agree… I didn’t mean in the generic sense… (zombies, vampires, what-have-you) I meant more like full-on copying or changing a couple words to “make it their own” but it’s basically still the exact same thing/look/name as what was copied.

  33. It’s in the social area. It’s on-line where you feel anon. Guess what? There will be haters. There will be trolls. Therefore it will be up to you do decide how to react when it happens. Not if, but when. Sadly, it’s true. Great post.

  34. Seriously?
    You’re so right.

    I have had people ask if they could use my review template and I nicely replied thanks for writing and I don’t mind you taking the idea and making it your own but don’t use it exactly please.

    I think the important thing is for folks to make things their own.

    Like the book to movie idea. I’ve been doing that for years. That doesn’t mean I own it.

    Great post.

  35. I completely agree, babe. It’s just out of control! Even when I started over a year ago, I remember it being so friendly and fun. Everyone was willing to help. They were NICE. No one was acting like this. I do remember a couple people pointing out that someone was using the same template as I was for my blog. It was a free Blogger template, so whatever. I went to their blogs, commented, and we laughed about it. NBD, right? Now, I feel like someone would do a full background search to find my address, blast it all over the internet, and come to my house in the middle of the night with some “message” they wanted to get across. It’s completely unreasonable. We shouldn’t be so concerned with that stuff. One bad apple will ruin it for the rest of us, and I won’t stand for that.

    Thanks for the great post, girl. It was missing a few F-bombs, but it’s all good ;o)

  36. Lori Parker says:

    As a newbie to book blogging I don’t know of a time before all the ‘stealing’ drama. I see lots of great things that people are doing on their sites and I think ‘wow, we should do something like that on our blog’. I refrain though because I do not want to step on toes. It never even dawned on me to ask expeienced book bloggers for advice etc. because all I would see was meme drama. *(Not from you or the gals listed below)*

    I saw the friendship that you have with Gisselle at.xpresso reads and Alexa before I started really looking into seriously doing a blog and I thought this looks like a great community!!! Which it still can be. I wish all the other bloggers would get on board and realize we are all in this together. There are so many books and so many authors out there that is literally enough for everyone.

    It’s like people think this a competition to get the most followers, fans, great blog tours, author guest spots and arc’s. Everyone starts at the bottom. You got to the top by working hard, reading books you love, and having fun. Which is what reading books, interacting with other book lovers and authors should be. It should be fun. I have a feeling that a lot of other book bloggers are people like me who have spent their whole life trying to explain why we find reading a book to be better than watching tv (which I like too) but I LOVE losing myself in a good book.

    I’m friends with Lady zombie journal on goodreads. I haven’t had much interaction with her. I don’t think I even recall her ever commenting on any of my books. So I can’t speak to the above post she put on her blog. Although, I am almost positive that there are enough zombie related titles she could have thought of other than Zombie Queen. She could have worked it out with out her remarks. I am a huge zombie fan too and I decided to make it a part of my blog profile/theme. I would never think to drag you into it…that’s just kind of bizarre. I have a whole page related to my love of all things zombie. No where on my page did I say…well this is my homage to zombies but since the BB chick already likes zombies I’m just gonna do it but not do it….but say it to put it out there for no obvious reason other than to be snarky.
    I think all of this ties into the bizzare things that are happening in the book community…like all the stupid goodreads crap…that I have already spent time making one post about, and will probably have to do another because I cannot understand it. All this drama is distracting us from reading. I get enough distraction from 2 year old as it is!
    Sorry for my rant but I just wanted to lend you some more support!

    • Yes! You said it perfectly! It’s not as if I expect to be the ONLY blog chick ever with a zombie feature or that loves zombie related ANYTHING! Hell I can name 15 chicks right now who love zombie awesomeness as much as I do!

      But THANK YOU! I thought maybe I went all “psycho” and took it too personally… I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it was just unnecessary to even say anything.


  37. Tina says:

    Great post Ashley….I think a ton of us are feeling this way lately, Im so sick of the catty BS going on. Its everywhere right now, on blogs, on facebook, on twitter, Ive been staying off Twitter lately cause Im sick of listening to people bashing others. Its so discouraging to see how many meanies are really out there.

    Have you seen the crazy website against Goodreads Bullies? I dont even think what that site is doing is legal, Honestly things are getting so out of control.

  38. Lori Parker says:

    @Tina…I am currently writing a blog post about the GR bully site…it’s just so…bad. I cannot believe the grossness of it.

  39. Bahahahaha! I love this post. So true. Can’t wait to see part 2!!

  40. I totally agree with you! There is a blogger out there that has a name that is really close to mine and some people says she stole it from me. I don’t think thats the case because I think it is hard enough coming up with something orginal and when you a name comes to you it just sticks. Also, I would take it as a compliment that someone wanted to use my name or idea. So people should just get over it and move on.

  41. Molli says:

    AGREED, Ashley! I dislike the negativity and walking-on-eggshells in the blogging community. One or two bad apples have made poor choices, but the rest of us should still be able to enjoy what it is we ALL do. We’re in this together! I think everyone needs to chill out and get back to the basics: read books. love books. review books. We need to start acting like a community again and remember we’re all here for the same reasons.

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

  42. Thanks for this post. I don’t have a lot else to say except that I agree with you and I appreciate you for posting this. And also for standing up and fighting for what you believe in. The blogger on blogger hate HAS to stop. If we can’t count on each other to be there, then who can we count on?

    The one thing I will say? I’ve made so many AMAZING blogging friends this year since all this shit started in January. There are so many of you that I could NOT possibly name them all. I always try to look for the silver lining in every cloud.

    I can’t wait to see your post tomorrow. :)

  43. I thought as book bloggers we were supposed to be a community and come together to create new and interesting ideas even if they originate from a fellow blogger, diversity is a great thing and always stems from an original idea. As long as you give credit where credit is due and are courteous to ask someone to use their idea in some way there shouldn’t be any of this cattiness and bashing going on! I feel awful you had to go through this and that you were singled out for no reason, what were you supposed to do check every blog in existence to make sure Zombie Queen wasn’t taken?! Unfortunately there are some immature people out there…as for all the haters, they’re just mad that you are and will hold the title of the book blogging Zombie Queen for years to come! :P

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  45. Oh sweetness… you are so right. Things are getting out of hand in the blogosphere and I am not wanting to be a part of that kind of world. I’ve happily missed many of the crazy happenings on twitter/blogger lately – thank goodness. But from what I have been seeing on some of my fave bloggers posts is that too much crap is happening and it is so freaking petty.

    Thanks for writing what so many others are thinking. :)

  46. Okay, so my friends always tease me about wanting to avoid conflict at all costs, but I’m always like…CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!?!? Lol. Honestly, most of the blogs I follow are rarely involved in any of this, but it seems like there’s always SOMEONE out there ready to start up the drama train again. I understand that people have opinions and are affected by what’s happening in the Internet community, but I feel if we all just treated each other how we wanted to be treated (as cliche as that sounds), and would just THINK before we post things, maybe there wouldn’t be so much crap.

    But yeah. Totally get your frustration on this point.

  47. Danielle D says:

    Great post, I didn’t read through all the coments, but one thing did occur to me about all of this and other people making “claims that they were there first”
    Nothing is really original anymore, and everyone tries to make the claim that they thought of it first, and anyone that has a similar idea after them is just copying their idea, but they never stop to see if someone els thought of it before them, becuase that’s just not possible.
    So what if 10 blogs do the book vs. movie idea, you all have your own views about it, and your followers their ow views, big frikking whoopie doo if you like the idea of having that discussion base on your blog, there is no law or patent forbidding you from having the same ideaas someone else.
    People really need to get off thier cyber-high horses and come back to earth and realize that you are not an origianl in the world of blogs and cyber space.

  48. Okay, so here’s a look at it from an author’s POV…

    I’m a debut author who published this past June, and has subsequently been trying to make connections within the industry in whatever way I can. I didn’t know book bloggers existed until late May and literally sent a thank you email to a blogger who had explained on her blog what a blog hop was because I had no fucking clue. Seriously. Now being that I’m so new to a game that’s being played on a field that’s location has not only changed, but the rules have been altered dramatically as well, I’m sure you can imagine all the time and energy I’ve spent trolling the blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook, etc., right?

    Yeah, it’s a lot. I mean at some point I’m gonna have to re-introduce myself to my family, because I have a feeling they’ve been wondering who the strange chick wandering into the kitchen at odd hours for coffee and chocolate is.

    Anyway, I’m completely paranoid of having my ideas ripped off and I’m just as concerned about taking someone else’s, so what do you think my response was when I discovered the HUGE amount of similarities my *just* published book had to another indie author’s? Mind you this is a woman I’d never met, read any of her work, or even heard of! And honestly, the similarities in our stories was shocking. Our books are set in essentially the same place (almost the same fucking town), our protagonist moves from the same state into again, the same state, they’re roughly the same age, they’re the same sex, etc… Well, logically I freaked out for about 5 minutes worrying that she could bring charges against me for plagiarism and then I remembered that I have heaps of documentation dating back to before she published that would prove my story is indeed my own and no part of it was stolen. Then I emailed her, told her what I had discovered and in turn, she and I laughed about how great minds think alike, ultimately agreeing that there is NO original idea. It’s what we do with the ideas to tweak them and make them our own that sets our work apart from another similar piece of work.

    I’m truly sorry and saddened to hear that the blogging community is having an issue understanding what that fab author and I agreed upon so easily. And trust me when I say I do my research in looking for connections amongst the blogging world. Yes, I want to get read, and I want to get reviewed as well, however, the human connection comes first for me. That means I spend my time reading through blogs and trying to get a feel for the people behind them. If I think they’re someone I would want to hang out with over a cup of coffee or catch a movie with etc., then I follow them, friend them etc… And then I spend some time getting to know them, all *before* I ever approach them about doing a review. It’s a different approach, sure, but I would rather get to know my johns before pimping myself out to them…it makes the experience that much more personal and enjoyable for everyone. What all that means is that I’ve seen a TON of really great blogs and you all have *something* that makes you special and unique. Some of your features might be borrowed or enhanced, but that doesn’t deter me from following one blogger over another. On the contrary, I think readers and authors alike appreciate the variety you all offer. And incidentally, there are many bloggers who don’t review indie authors, which I do believe to be a damned shame, but it’s their prerogative and I’m sure each and every one has an excellent reason for why they don’t, but even being an indie author, that disappointment is never one of the reasons why I would choose to not follow or friend a blogger, in fact, I follow several bloggers who will probably never read my work, and I’m only dismayed by that because I find them to be cool people and appreciate their work and would relish the opportunity to be on their chopping block. The same goes for my feeling about genre specific blogs…

    After all, some of you are primarily paranormal, some are chick-lit, some are romance heavy, and some are all about YA only, so who gives a shit if five or ten or 13 gazillion blogs have a feature like “In My Mailbox?” (That’s just an example, btw, I’m not intending to call anyone out, it was just the first feature to pop in my mind where I’ve seen variations of it) Not everyone will be interested in everything you’re doing on your blog, but they might be on another’s simply because of the featured genre, so why shouldn’t followers get to enjoy some of those uber-cool features? Facebook allows and encourages the sharing of memes and pictures and I really don’t understand what the fuss is about in terms of sharing blog features.

    Again, this is just my opinion (and a lengthy one at that, which I apologize for… Ugh.) but I would love to see some “good will towards all men” type of humanity put back into our industry which is, somewhat ironically, all about reaching people in one way or another in the first place.

    • HAHA!!!

      Omg! I can’t imagine how you must’ve felt about your book dude!!!! :( that’s why I honestly TRY to never say “this book reminded me of …” bc I don’t want ppl to get the wrong idea!!!

      I don’t know that there IS a high road unless we’re ALL going to take it.. And I doubt that’ll happen very soon!

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  50. Barbara says:

    *doing an I told you so dance*

    I still think it was right to ask you, but I’m not surprised to see how much support came out of the woodwork for your post, chica. You always have a way of cutting through the bullshit and pointing out the ridiculousness of a situation. Some bloggers are still going to be all sensitive about anyone creating a meme that so much has a graphic that looks like theirs. Hopefully we’re reaching some kind of whining-over-everything saturation point though and getting a little perspective about what’s worth making a big blowout over and what’s worth getting irritated about and letting go.

    As always – YOU ROCK!

  51. I have come to realize that people suck! It is so ridiculous!! You have explained it perfectly! I have just recently decided to take a blogging break, and part of that reason was just the negative vibe in the blogging world. So many bloggers forget that we all just love books and want to have fun with that. So many of us adult bloggers read YA books, and sadly the characters in those books are more mature than some of us! Thanks for being awesome!

  52. Sharmin says:

    Wow. I had no idea this sort of hate existed in the bloggesphere. I agree with you though. I couldn’t care less who used my ideas even blog content as long as they just kindly list the source somewhere on their page. Here I thought we were all connected by our single need of being surrounded by books. sad day :(

  53. You totally hit the nail on the head! Major love to you for putting it out there that people need to take a chill pill. Some people take themselves way too seriously. Honestly all ideas, or most anyway, come from some other idea that existed before we had it. We are all just trying to reinvent the wheel here and we should all just calm the f. Down!

    Great post, you rock. And you will always be the true zombie queen to me ;)

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  55. Aditi says:

    Lady Zombie, you are awesome.

    I am 6 days old in the blogging world and frankly, the amount of viciousness here scares me. We are book nerds aren’t we? People who read too much and talk too much book? Are some of us fulfilling the bitch-act that we(read-they) couldn’t do in high school, given their nerd-status?

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