BB Thinking Too Hard About: My Gag Reflex

Thinking Too Hard1 BB Thinking Too Hard About: My Gag Reflex

This is the SECOND post I’ve written on this whole Story Siren/plagiarism situation… The first contained too many inappropriate words to actually be taken seriously. And at THIS point- I’m as serious as a freaking heart attack.

You see, I may have promised my husband that I wouldn’t get “involved” in this ridiculous debacle of stupidity.

I have several ISSUES to cover today, and I’ll try to be quick because I have a HEADACHE and we surely have better things to do than read ANOTHER Story Siren post. That being said, you may be asking yourself WHY am I bothering to write about it at all? If I know about it, then SURELY everyone does. Because I think people need to know where I stand on this issue.

If by chance you DON’T know what I’m talking about, then you can read an awesome rundown of the situation at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (look mom!! I can LINK to another blogger’s site ALL BY MYSELF), more at Smexy Books AND even moooore at Dear Author.

Now, HERE’S what pisses me off about this ENTIRE situation:

Besides the fact that Kristi blatantly plagiarized SEVERAL other blogger’s posts, AND tried to keep it quiet… I know right? Are you JOKING???

What KILLS ME… I mean what completely DRIVES me to the point of “straight jacket and it’s time to call the Charter bus” is ALL of the people that have made “poor little Kristi” out to be the VICTIM. This is COMPLETELY and utterly UNFATHOMABLE to me.

I don’t know The Story Siren, I’ve never even been a regular visitor to her blog. So I can’t say much about her actual character. I know that many many blogger’s “looked up” to her, so I feel badly for them having lost a role model. But how far are her so called ‘friends’ going to take  this?

What if it was YOU that she or anyone else took content from? OR ME? OR ANYONE?!

People are using words like “crucify” and “assassination” are you EFFING KIDDING ME???? So she’s Jesus now? Or freaking Julius Caesar? They are even going so far as to KISS HER @ss and tell her how BRAVE SHE IS! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

I mean… WHAT?!?! Brave for WHAT exactly? Owning up to what she did? Dude. My freaking FOUR year old has bigger balls than she does on any given SECOND of the DAY. And my FOUR YEAR OLD ALSO has more common sense, because SHE knows that LYING AND STEALING is WRONG.

I certainly won’t sit here and tell you that Kristi is the hero because she had the courage to apologize? Um… no. No, I don’t think so. I’d rather stick red hot pokers in my eyes, but thanks.

Bottom line- her own actions speak louder than anything I could ever say.

Now, a few bloggers who managed to be MUCH more eloquent than I did on this subject:

My Thoughts…yes, I had to put in my two cents…

Dark Faerie Tales
Drama, Double Standards and Deception…A Bloggers Plagiarism Manifesto!

… and about 900 other posts, but I liked theirs the best!! So what are your thoughts? 


***Edited at 5:30pm – 4/27/2012***

One more thing my lovelies, B from Beautifully Invisible left a comment here on the Bookish Brunette with some AWESOME freaking links!!! Check them out!!! I’m SERIOUSLY… just SICK. Ugh! 


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 BB Thinking Too Hard About: My Gag Reflex

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58 Responses to BB Thinking Too Hard About: My Gag Reflex

  1. Andrea T says:

    I don’t even know what to say. That. Was. Awesome.

    And yeah…excellent point about kids. Mine are 4 and 6 and have enough courage to ‘fess up and apologize when they’ve been busted.

    Thanks for keeping it real in the way only you can.

  2. Kat B says:

    I’ve kept my trap shut on this one, simply because I don’t have the eloquence to not turn my opinion into a big fat rant.

    You are spot on – stealing and lying is wrong, no matter which way you cut it.

    And because someone is a ‘big name’ doesn’t mean they get a free pass – anyone else would have been dragged through the streets and publicly flogged.

    Sure, support your friends but don’t make excuses for them. In the end, that just gets you tarred with the same brush.

    And all for the sake of a few links…. face, meet palm.

    (Whoa, that’s a whole lot of cliches right there!).

  3. Actually your post is rather unique because you are commenting on the reaction of others and not just the situation. I’ve been reading these posts and for the most part I don’t comment. I don’t like to jump into the drama. BUT you are so right here. I don’t think it is shocking that an apology was given after getting caught. I think it is shocking that people are defending. In my mind right and wrong does not change depending on how many followers you have. Right is right and wrong is wrong. I think there are so many more close calls and grey areas of plagiarism but this is not one of them. This one isn’t even close. So why people are making some of the comments that you have mentioned is beyond me.

    P.S. I need one of those… a four year old I mean. Ehhh. Maybe one day.

  4. Tara says:

    Honestly, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head on this one. I think the annoying thing with it all is the fact that there are entire posts on The Story Sire (or there were – I’ve heard they’ve now been deleted) on not plagiarizing and keeping your content original and such.

    If it was a less well known blog, it’s doubtful anyone would side with the blogger, either. It’s a shame, because a lot of bloggers, myself included, have looked up to The Story Siren at some point.

    I understand we’re all of the same genre as far as blogging goes, so sometimes there will be posts on similar subjects – but as I understand it these were posts on blogging in general so that doesn’t explain it at all in this case.

    I’m not planning on making my own post on this, it won’t come out as anything more than a rant, nothing eloquent to be found!

    But yeah, this more or less sums up my feelings.

  5. Lea says:

    I have to admit, I was on the fence about this whole thing for awhile– I just didn’t know what the heck to believe with all the stuff I was reading. I was thinking to myself, OK yes she screwed up- intentionally, unintentionally– whatever, she publicly apologized for it, let’s move on. I *even* was feeling bad for her, not gonna lie.

    UNTIL I read Grit & Glamour’s Clarification article and the truth hit me like a ton of bricks– BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T EVEN EFFING APOLOGIZE TO THE PEOPLE SHE FREAKING RIPPED OFF!!

    When I got to the end of the article, I was just like– seriously?!? She didn’t even BOTHER to tell her dearest loyal followers, hey by the way, those bloggers I stole from? They didn’t do anything wrong, so leave them alone. She basically just let them get eaten by the wolves when THEY were the ones who had their content stolen in the first place! SHE should have been the one to tell everyone defending her to STOP acting like idiots to those she had wronged.

    And this revelation pretty much swung me right on over to the “no thanks, I’m good without the SS” camp– I don’t need to be dealing with someone who’s acting that shady you know? I’m still doing all I can to not get involved in it, but it seriously sucks that everyone has to suffer in some way for one person’s irresponsible actions.

    AND those bloggers she was plagiarizing SO don’t deserve all this crap. There should have been some PUBLIC apology directly made to the ones who really did get screwed over.

    Whew. OK. Got that off my shoulders. Ash, love you, and thank you for keeping it real LOL :P

    ~Lea @ LC’s Adventures in Libraryland

  6. Lea says:

    OH AND! Haha, crap now I’m on a roll– AND, seriously, every time I think of that “apology” I just want to punch a wall. She says she “owes us an explanation and apology,” BUT she’s not admitting to ANYTHING. She’s truly sorry, but what the eff for, no one can tell. NO mention of who she should REALLY be apologizing to– BUT oh, she’s SO worried about the authors and publishers! Because, you know, she offers SO MUCH to them, a viewership and chances beyond their wildest dreams!! What will the poor authors do without the Story Siren! Seriously girl? GET OVER YOURSELF.

    And then the last part about how she doesn’t expect our forgiveness, she doesn’t expect us to understand, well if that isn’t the biggest load of pompous BS I’ve EVER heard. She should write a dang article on “How to Dig Yourself Into a Grave Deeper Than the Mariana Trench” at this point.

    I don’t want to sound like a judge, or like it’s up to me to decide what’s right to be done here. But honestly, if I was HER? I’d be ashamed to ever show my face in the blogging world again. That’s JUST ME but I sure as S%&# wouldn’t have the balls to continue like nothing’s wrong and do an IMM this weekend. JUST SAYING.

    • Bravo, Lea. I love you and agree with every word you said. I think this is something a lot of us feel strongly about. And I feel now like I am being told to shut up and get over it because her defenders think I’m a bully and that pisses me off so much. I love you for being brave.

    • Omg Lea! I could NOT agree more!!! And I seriously tried to stay out of it, because I do not like to be involved with the STUPID drama- but enough is enough.

      I’m SO done with the “Kristi is the victim & everyone is SOOOO mean!” Posts that I could DIE!

      And seriously! She actually probably has the biggest balls of anyone I know (I should edit my post) because I would be UTTERLY ashamed to EVER show my face in the blogging world again!

      • Lea says:

        I’m debating about whether to make some public statement about where I stand on all this, I almost feel like I should, but I sort of think once I open that can of worms I’m not going to shut up about it LOL ;)

        Let me tell you, though, it’s heartening to at least hear from you and other bloggers I admire and respect, that they are NOT OK with what went down.


  7. Dude. You know you might get some flack for this right? Not that I think you care; I know you don’t. You are one of the most honest, outspoken people I know.

    I know how you felt about this issue privately, but it’s great to here you announce it in your unique voice to the blogging community. You are one of the most popular bloggers, and I think it’s important that your readers know where you stand on this issue. I shouldn’t talk because I’m not posting about it, but I think I made my stance clear on twitter and many different blogs out there in the blogosphere.

    I loved this post. LOVED IT. But let me make this clear to whoever reads this comment one more time. What Kristi did was wrong. She plagiarized. Her apology wasn’t really an apology at all because she never admitted fault to anything wrong. And I read both posts she made on her blog. Anyone that says she has properly apologized is kidding themselves and doesn’t want to face the truth.

    But what’s even worse to me? The people defending her. I’m not talking about the people that don’t support what she has done but have chosen to forgive her. I’m also not talking about the people that have stayed silent on this issue. I’m talking about the people that are sending the victims hate mail. The people that are posting vile messages of support on her “clarification” post such as bloggers should get a real job and Kristi you are so brave (GAG). The people that are taking to twitter to defend her and calling the people that are speaking out bullies and a lynch mob (yeah girl you know who I’m talking about). Those are the people I am disgusted with.

    Plagiarism is not an “accident”. It’s not unintentional. She knew what she was doing. She spent HOURS on the victims’ blogs. She owes everyone a proper apology–not the half-assed one that she gave. I just want to make that clear. Just because this is a blog incident does not make the act of plagiarism any less severe.

    I have pulled her buttons from my blogs. I’m no longer in the debut author challenge. I have updated my post to state this. I am, however, still reading the books. I will not be participating in In My Mailbox any longer. I’ll find another meme or do my own thing. I’ve also gone so far as to delete any blogs from my feed reader that are defenders of Kristi–this is not the same as someone who has forgiven her, and this is not a threat to anyone. It is a personal choice of mine and I am entitled to make my own decisions. I have not yet decided what I am going to do for those bloggers that decide to still participate in IMM. I guess I will take it on a case by case basis. But I also think that’s kind of shitty too.

    I am disappointed she still has so many blog readers, giveaway entries, and twitter followers. But when it comes to free stuff, I guess personal ethics get thrown out the window for many. And that’s all I have to say on this issue.

    • I noticed a typo. Here should be hear. It’s late and I’m stupid at this hour. Once again, you rock Ashley!!

      • Oh I knew she would though! Because so many people “book blog” for free books! They font really CARE about how any of the actual politics go down or affect any of the people SERIOUS about blogging!

        I ALMOST put in my post that I wouldn’t be participating in IMM… but I wanted everyone to make their OWN right decision about that meme!

        We’ll see I guess…

  8. Oh man, Ashley ! That was just EPIC ! :P
    It was hilarious ! :)
    Ok, onto serious things now – you make some really good points. It really bothers me that people are saying she already apologized and everyone should just forgive her. Some even claim that what she “stole” is common knowledge.
    Her first apology really pissed me off because she completely disregarded her followers and fans. That shows a lot about her. Anyways, thank you for being honest in your blog post !
    You rule, Zombie Queen :D

    • Ha!!! Thank you! I do try…

      I just couldn’t NOT say anything anymore. Her first post really didn’t SUPRISE me in the least. She has always acted like she was holier than thou, I’m surprised she addressed it at all truthfully!

  9. Violet says:

    What do you mean, SEVERAL other bloggers posts?!… So it wasn’t just Grit and Glamour that she screwed over, OMFG!!! Do she have any standards?!

    Two things really bother me, one) she has never admitted openly what she did, she’s not made it clear what she’s said sorry for, She is still missleading people! Two) The eejuts that feel sorry for her and will continue to follow her, and say it was a mistake!!!

    Dude, seriously!!! A mistake!! What!!! How can spending hours copying and stealing from others be a mistake?! What is she a klepto now?!

    Funny, how all the giveaways pop up after the shit hit the fan!!

    • Shhhhyea she did dude! She took content from 3/4 other blogs! About ‘Understanding Klout’ and ‘Things I Hate About Your Blog’ and a couple more IF I’m not mistaking on the actual post content…

  10. Mandi says:

    This is what I don’t understand.

    Kristi stole content.

    As a reader, blogger, or just as a person, I am ALLOWED to be angry about this. I’m ALLOWED to post my opinion and my anger on the internet as I choose. This does not mean I’m bullying her (that is a strong word and it saddens me that people misuse it) I’m not being a mean girl. I’m being an adult and expressing my anger. Just like I would cheer someone on if they did something great, I’m allowed to show my displeasure at this any way I choose.

    If you want to stand by Kristi and support her – great. Feel free. But don’t sit there and judge ME.

    And in absolutely no terms is she brave. If I hear that word associated with her again you may hear me screaming from behind my computer.

    • See?! That’s exactly what I mean! HOW are people commending her for ANYTHING? It makes me SICK to the point that I cannot even READ these posts about it anymore!

      And when I see things like “She’s being crucified.” I want to fly into a rage like no one has ever SEEN! Gah!

  11. I haven’t been following this little broohaha at all. But to your question. If someone plagiarized from my blog?

    If someone is that hard up to “borrow” from my sad little review site I would just feel sorry for them. I’m not a daily poster. Once I finish a book it sometimes takes me a week of cogitation to find the words for my 3-5 (short) paragraph review.

  12. Great post doll!

    I agree 100% that plagiarism is wrong.
    I agree 100% that the only way to punish plagiarism is online.

    To play devil’s advocate, I think some of the “poor Kristi” folks know she did wrong but feel bad for the character slander she has received. Like they feel folks should stick to the issue and not make it a personal attack.

    Me? I’m just glad what she did was pulled into the light so others can see that it’s wrong and be more careful.

    I think the #1 thing that should happen when someone plagiarizes is that the offense should be publicized so other bloggers know who the offender is and who to be careful of.

    PS You made me giggle with that bit about your 4 year old.

  13. This shit is crazy! CRAZY! I myself have never been a Story Siren Fan. I remember once FOREVER LONG TIME AGO when I first started blogging and I asked her something on Twitter.. She simply told me “google it” So, after that my ass never had a care in the world. She is no fucking VICTIM. I know VICTIM, and this shit is something SHE did. SHE DID IT. WTF. I mean come one. But I have stayed out of it. Who cares. So this is my one and final comment on the WHOLE FUCKING THING. It’s Stupid. She’s Stupid. And how the hell are you just going to steal some SHIT that is not yours and say ” I hope we can keep this private ” WHAT?
    But the whole hashtag shit, and whatever everyone else is making to give her more ATTENTION, is the most retardest shit I have ever read. How about this.. smart people. DROP IT. if you don’t want anything to do with her DON’T. Wow, is it that simple? YES!

    If a Zombie breakout happened…. she would not win. LOL

    Done & Done

    Love you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

    • (OK one more FINAL comment… LMAO)


      Because one day …………… IT COULD BE YOUR ASS.

      ok no one on here has protected her. I am just SAYING. I have seen that shit on twitter. I am so glad I took a break. I check my mentions once in a while and other then that my ass is off. Drama. GROW UP ppl.

      ok. ASHLEY!
      I love you.

  14. Ash, I love you chick!! Awesome post!! I have mostly stayed out of it and just commented on a post about it here and there. I completely agree with you!! I was a regular follower of her blog, though I wouldn’t say I looked up to her. I have now stopped following her blog, will not participate in IMM, am not doing the Debut Author Challenge, and will not support her in any way. People don’t realize by still supporting her, they are making it seem like what she did is okay.

  15. Great post about reactions and I know kids understand stealing and what that means. I was talking to them about this sirengate and how it wrong to bully , but you don’t steal something.

    Yes I stopped following her and I wasn’t doing the debut challenge this year , but no mailbox posts for me LOL.

    I hope the book blogging community can get move on from this. I agree that it was any other blogger they would have shut down weeks ago. I don’t like to see the victims get hate mail, because their leader didn’t say sorry correctly. I didn’t like the fact that it was kept private for 3 months. That reeks of guilt to me. I don’t support stealing in any way :(

  16. Alaiel Kreuz says:

    I’ve been out of town for the last two months and honestly, I didn’t know anything about this whole problem.
    Quite frankly it caught me by surprise; it’s true that I only checked her blog on Sundays to link my post to her “In my mailbox” meme but it’s also true that I thought highly of her.
    Sadly not anymore.
    I write reviews and I wouldn’t want anyone to copy/paste them in their own site. It’s cheating and it’s stealing.

    I think she made a big mistake at some point and thought that, maybe, no one would discover her…

    And I mean, come on! Honestly? She cares more about the publishers and authors than her followers and friends?! Without followers she would be nobody… she HAS to think of them, she has to CARE about them. I think we, book bloggers, love free books, right? Who doesn’t? But then we decide to share our thoughts because we want to help someone decide to read or not a book, to make them smile with a funny review or just to give them some love.

    She will get a second chance from the people that likes her and loves her but there’s going to be a lot of us that will maybe forgive her but not trust her anymore.

    And then I ask: was stealing worth all of this? I’m sure not.

  17. Hi there,

    B here, one of the other victims in this mess :) I read your post and I just want to say THANK YOU for saying these things. Thank you for putting this out there so others can read it. If I could reach through this monitor and hug you, I would!

    For those that still are unsure of all the deals (who she plagiarised and exactly how much) you can read this, it should give you a good rundown.

    And this one if you want to see all of the actual screencaps:

    Thanks again for posting this and for putting your thoughts out there.

  18. Dude, agreed. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from twitter on Monday – it was a train wreak. I just don’t get the people who say shit like “I don’t really know what’s going on, but I support you SS.” Err, really? You don’t want to look at evidence and know about what she’s actually done before you throw your support behind her and rip into other people? They just look ignorant.

    Okay, that’s all I’m saying. <3

  19. This whole sitch pissed me off. The only reason I haven’t blogged about it is that I really just don’t have a big enough following to reach enough people to tell them what they’re probably smart enough to think themselves (because obviously only smart book people follow me, not the dumb ass ones).

    I’m almost sorry that I wasn’t a Story Siren follower before (although I have done IMM a time or two… I think), because I didn’t get the satisfaction of unfollowing her on blogger or twitter.

    The main issue was that her apology posts, yes, both of them, were crap! If she’d just come clean, admit that she plagiarized, maybe said she just felt overwhelmed to put out content, maybe then I wouldn’t be so angry. People screw up all the time, doesn’t mean they’re bad people. But now only does she not say anything until she is publicly outed, but it’s not even a real apology! That’s worse than the original crime, in my opinion.

    And it just seems that so many of her most vocal “fans” are more interesting in kissing Kristi’s butt and basking in the glow of her shiny blog. It’s kind of scary how many bloggers can be bought off with book giveaways and cool memes. So, yeah, I’ll be checking out who does IMM this coming Monday to see if I need to do some culling. A few of her defenders posted about how all blogs plagiarize because there’s no original thoughts/reviews/opinions out there… so I guess we’re all a bunch of theives and should just quit blogging right now. Or start blatantly stealing each other’s posts, I bet I could get lots of publishers and shiz to send me books for giveaways if I was posting popular How-To’s for newbie bloggers and posting reviews everyday…

    And while I heard a lot of chatter about how Kristi was being personally attacked, I didn’t actually see any proof. I guess merely implying that Kristi had plagiarized and her apology was crap is a personal attack? And not one of those bloggers who called Kristi a victim mentioned any of the real victims in this shizstorm.

    Thank you, BB, for posting this! I really think that popular blogs like yours can help bring this issue to light- especially for all the poor newbie bloggers that have no clue what they’re stumbling into.

  20. Dear Ashley,

    I’d pluck my crotch hair out one by one with a tweezers to get to read your first post filled with the potty words. Plus, I love you.

  21. Lia says:

    Sums up most of my thoughts exactly :D I am also getting a terrible headache from this whole situation.

  22. Well, I’m always out of the loop. I didn’t even know about this until all my main bloggy peeps started talking about it.

    As far as those that will defend her…. yep, that sounds about right. I mean when does the human race make sense? Seriously? I stopped trying to figure out people long ago.

  23. Alexa says:

    Lol trust you to say something about this. I haven’t really commented or said anything about this online yet, I was just trying to stay away from it.

    I know when I first started blogging I found out about The Story Siren’s blog and I liked the blog even though she mostly just posts promo stuff now that I think back on it. I haven’t really visit regularly in the past several months. To hear about what she did was a bit of a shocker and I think you are right. Her first ‘apology’ basically stated that she only cared about authors and publishers, not the people who are reading her content. If you don’t have readers reading your blog then it doesn’t matter how many authors or publishers you are in contact with. Those people won’t give you stuff if you have no views. Her second ‘apology’ was just her covering her ass after the lame excuses. She never really fessed up that she did this since she stated she didn’t go to the blogs the first time around before correcting that once they figured out it was her.

    I don’t know the whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and if anyone else had done this then we would have been shunned for it, not just gotten a lovely little slap on the wrist.

  24. Ah, you are spot on. When all of this hit the fan, I almost couldn’t deal with it at the time. I have been out of the book-blogging world for quite some time and am just now making my way back. To come back to this drama was sickening, disappointing, shocking, you name it. I was even having second thoughts about reviving my blog, but then, of course, I realized it was about sharing MY love of reading and MY thoughts on books, not the crazy drama caused by other book bloggers out there.

    The absolute WORST thing for me, personally, was that another aspiring book-blogger contacted me for advice and I sent them to TSS’s blog tips page and just the blog in general. Honestly, I felt SICK over that.

    So many aspects of this incident have been disappointing and disheartening. I have elected not to write about it, feeling that it isn’t “my place” after having been on hiatus for so long, but I haven’t been able to keep from sharing my thoughts in the comments section.

    Thanks for sharing yours and for allowing me to put in my 2 cents :-)

  25. Stephanie D. says:

    I was shocked when this all came out. And very sad that someone so revered in the book blogging community had done this. I feel bad for all the people that followed her and her blog faithfully and the authors whose books she featured. But I feel bad most of all for the bloggers she plagiarized from; thank god, however, that they had the smarts and the tenacity to fight back. I don’t know if I’d have the guts — or even realize it had been done.

  26. I’ve willed myself to not fall completely down the rabbit hole. These are the sorts of things that you can spend a day clicking on all the links, and soon that day is shot. :)

    I think it’s interesting from a psychological standpoint. This woman had posted her own anti-plagiarism rants, only to do this. I think there are a lot of things people believe are true or good rules … for other people.

    When I first started reading, I’d really hoped she didn’t go to the whole “it was inadvertent/an accident” place. I think it’s just too tempting — better to apologize for an accident, a brain glitch, than a premeditated choice.

    The unnecessary thing here is that she could have written her own genuine take on all of these topics, and credited the original authors for the inspiration — good feelings all around.

    • I should add to “I think there are a lot of things people believe are true or good rules … for other people” that this goes to friendships, too. I’ve never known anyone who’s done this, but they always have supporters, and I have to imagine that these supporters have read about other cases, ones involving strangers, and felt differently — felt outrage over the same act committed by their friend.

  27. Evie says:

    I feel like I’ve read a thousand posts on this subject, yet yours pretty much sums up what I think about the whole situation the best. This is also the first time, and probably the last, too, that I’m commenting on a “Story Siren” post, and that kind of speaks for itself. I agree with everything you said in 100%. I haven’t been a follower of hers, I thought her reviews were, well.. really short and rather miserable. Have you seen any of them? Well, anyway, that’s beside the point. It’s sad to find out that person so respected and trusted in the blogosphere would go and do something like that. In a while people will probably forget and move on, she’ll get new followers and more free books. Cause that’s how it is, life just goes on. Even now there are people entering her giveaways and leaving super supportive, fluffy comments (seriously?!), so yeah.. I just wish she would stop acting like nothing happened, stop pretending to be the victim “who didn’t know what she was doing” (Gah! an invasion of content-stealing body snatchers!) and maybe just once apologize for her actions sincerely.

    Great post, Ashley. You know I love you, right babe? :)

  28. Lindsay says:

    Wow. This whole thing just blows my mind. I am a new blogger, but have been stalking the YA adult book community for about 2 years now. The Story Siren (used to be) one of my fav sites. I had no idea what was even going on until she posted her apology on her blog and I was like WTF? Her weak apology and confusing statements led me to investigate. I was shocked at what I found. If she would have just said ” well ya got me. I’m sorry. I effed up.” she would have my respect, but….she didn’t. Thanks for your post. I was able to make more sense of the situation after reading the links.

  29. I was away on holiday and this is the first I saw about the whole mess. I am totally speechless.

    I hope you will still do VLOGS, Ashley. I LOVE yours :)

  30. Parajunkee says:

    Ash — you rock and have awesome quote-ables — “ridiculous debacle of stupidity” love it.

    First thing — thank you for the link back. That is fantastic. XO I really had no idea that stupid post was going to be so popular.

    Second — I have no idea why her minions are victimizing her. Probably because to admit that she is wrong will paint them all guilty by association.

    The problem is I DON’T GET IT. Even before this “ridiculous debacle of stupidity” she was hardly on twitter, hardly ever responded in comments. I checked back just to make sure. You see how you are going through here and replying — how you are on twitter interacting…that is called being social. Making your blog seem like it is a forum, a conversation. There is none of that over there.

    Even just to say a Thank You to the people that are leaving @ss-kissery… at least some interaction. I don’t get it. Why would that kind of blog be something that people what to stand up for? Here is some promo copy — gush gush comments.

    Whatever. Let them back their auto-generated tweets and promo copy.

  31. Isalys says:

    Fucking thank you!! This whole thing is just ridiculous! My personal feelings aside, I can appreciate how much it sucks when the illusion of perfection is shattered. Her fans, or minions as PJV and I like to call them, wanted to believe that she was PERFECT!! Uh, negative ghostrider. She’s a regular person who screwed up big time and didn’t have the woman-balls to own up to what SHE did. I will NOT ever commend her for being forced to admit that she was busted. What the fuck is that?! And then…ugh, THEN for people to attack the REAL victims for it was atrocious!

    I have mad love for Parajunkee because she hit the nail on the head with her post and comments. TSS has mismanaged this entire thing. Two horrendous apology posts and now she’s hiding behind her “promo” posts and not bothering to comment or redeem herself. Yet she still gets a zillion fucking comments…makes me sick!

    Anyhoo, it’s over and done with. I know where I stand on the issue and I’m glad that MY favorite bloggers *ahem* are in my camp ;)


  32. candace says:

    Ive stayed out of the whole thing and just talk with close friends but after seeing theclarification post on B’s blog I definitely have no doubts where I stand. I was never a big fan of TSS because it was mostly promo stuff and her few reviews were crap. So nothing interesting for me. I’m glad that I stopped doing IMM a while back cause really that was the only connection I really had to her.
    I think she needs to admit she knew what she was doing and apologize to those she stole from. A real apology.
    And I don’t get why people are defending her. It seems SO wrong that she can just sit back and act like nothing happened and just carry on as usual.
    I hate that this whole thing has torn bloggers apart and drawn a line between us. Luckily I know I’m on the right side of it all and am with the awesome people!

  33. Rachel says:

    Dude, you have such a way with words! Your voice is definitely all your own. Love it!

    I have chosen to stay fairly quiet about this issue myself. I only spoke privately about it with my dude and a close blogger friend – I think this is the second post I’ve commented on – because while I have a very definite opinion I don’t want my blog readers to feel like they have to share it in any way.

    But what surprises me most of all about all of this is now that we’re in week two, things from that camp are still dead silent. Don’t reputation coaches advise when the s*** hits the fan to get out in front of it? Silence only inflames those who are angry. And a long silence like this will turn those who may have been waiting for something more so they could forgive and move on to decide to just move on.

    This whole situation has hurt the community because it seems to have divided everyone along two very distinct lines. It also has affected more than just that blogger’s reputation. How many newer bloggers are now losing viewership by the reduced numbers participating in IMMs? How many authors are receiving less publicity for their books or giveaways because of those boycotting that highly trafficked site?

    And how many debut authors are losing readership for those choosing not to participate in the Debut Author Challenge?

    I’m just so freaking sad about this whole thing. And I’m sad for those who did look at that blogger as if she were a role model. Because it sucks to lose someone you’ve looked up to.

    Whether she wanted that responsibility placed on her shoulders or not it seems she had it. And there is a responsibility that comes with being seen in that light. If she didn’t want that she could have easily turned away from the spotlight. With the umpteen gazillion book blogs out there it’s not too hard to get lost in the crowd.

    Not everyone wants to be the biggest, best, most popular blogger. With that comes the glory and perks but it also comes with the vitriol as seen with this situation. And with the spotlight IMO there is far more responsibility to your audience, to your business partners/advertisers and to the authors that rely on you for helping to promote their work. With a brand as big as that blogger has, I doubt things will die down enough for this situation to just go quietly.

    Anyway, I think I’ve rambled far too long. Sorry for the comment vomit!

  34. Wow…I just started working on my own blog seriously in this past month. Have worked hard in it, and finally this weekend dedicated it to looking up fellow book/writer bloggers. I DID run across The Story Siren, but had no idea she’d been accused of plagiarism.

    I back you up on this! She should be seen as the victim when SHE knowingly stole material! Not cool. Also apologizing for your crap makes you a fairly decent human, not a victim.

  35. [...] bloggers have gone FREAKING INSANE since the Story Siren went all grabby grabby plagiarist on everyone. And I GET it. Everyone is all up in arms, ready to throw the gauntlet over [...]

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