BB Book Tours Blogger Sign Ups

BB Book Tours BB Book Tours Blogger Sign Ups

I’ve been tossing this idea around in my head for quite some time now… Hosting blog tours, setting up Cover Reveals… Because after I started working with Claudia from PhatPuppy Art, it became increasing apparent to me that a lot of authors don’t really know what’s going on. icon wink BB Book Tours Blogger Sign Ups

Which makes sense… They WRITE. They don’t care about cover reveals and tours and yada, yada… So instead of trying to coach all these authors through it- I figured I’d offer up my services as a coordinator of AWESOME! Right? icon wink BB Book Tours Blogger Sign Ups

But, I can’t do it alone… Obviously. So before I go getting all super, crazy excited I thought I’d gauge blogger interest level FIRST! I know dude!!! I’m thinking ahead (for once.) icon wink BB Book Tours Blogger Sign Ups

If you think you’d be into doing book tours/cover reveals for authors of books done by Claudia of PhatPuppy Art… Fill out the form below!!! And at least you know two things right off the bat:

1. The cover is always going to be SUPER to die for gorgeous

2. The tour banner will always totally be wicked badass!

(yes, humble is my middle name.)

BB Book Tour Blogger Sign Ups

Book Tours & Cover Reveals hosted by the MOST awesome book bloggers, put together by The Bookish Brunette!
* Required

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.

If you felt like it, you could totally write a post, telling other people to sign up too! Just sayin. icon wink BB Book Tours Blogger Sign Ups

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 BB Book Tours Blogger Sign Ups
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 BB Book Tours Blogger Sign Ups

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26 Responses to BB Book Tours Blogger Sign Ups

  1. Heather says:

    You would be freaking brilliant at this and it makes me want to go get a cover from her just so you would host my tour lol ;)

  2. Claudia says:

    YEAH BABY!!! THis is awesome!

  3. Unable to sign up because the link will not work but I am totally interested!!!

  4. Well you know THIS BLOGGER is down for any of your shenanigans! =D

    Awesome Idea.

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  6. Does this mean that you might reconsider doing blog designs? ;)

    • I’ll totally do blog designs if the art is from PhatPuppy! :P

      Truthfully I’m just not confident enough in my html/css abilities to take on designing my own stuff from scratch! But I do headers for PhatPuppy customers all the time! <3

      You guys give me too big of a head about my blog graphics!!! But I love you for it!!! xoxo

      • Good to know, I’ll keep that in mind. I think I’m due for a new design soon… I’m good at HTML/CSS but I’m only so-so with graphics. So with your header design skills and my coding knowledge I should be golden! LOL

  7. So I am totally signing up for my blog (: I’ll spread the awesomeness around!

  8. Heidi says:

    I would love to participate :)

  9. I’m in! Claudia does amazing work, and you have mad skills, with your own blog designs, love the headers, etc…

  10. I think this is a FABULOUS idea! :)

  11. You are rocking the whole book blogging community, aren’t you?

    Yea you are!!

  12. I LOVE PhatPuppy/Claudia’s work!! I know her site upside down b/c I’m STILL trying to pick an image for my new website design (a header) and I’ve been saving up $ for a proper donation :) I’m so stoked you guys work together and you’re totally getting her out there. Your site is great (I just stumbled on it the other day, bad me!) and with her, it’ll be an awesome team! Good Luck!

  13. Great idea Zombie Queen…I can’t wait!

  14. Ashley says:

    I love good art and Phatpuppy’s is to die for! I haven’t actually read any of the books yet but I have a few in my TBR pile waiting to be read (like Hollowland).

    This would be super awesome!

  15. Dude!! I am so all about this. I think you will be fantastic at organizing the tours, and of course your banners are super kickass!! :)

  16. Alexa says:

    You know I’m always up for things involving awesome and yourself :)

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