Associate Reviewer… Partner in Crime.

help Associate Reviewer... Partner in Crime.


I NEED HELP. Not an occasional review here and there… but an actual… *gulp* partner. Yes. For REAL dude.

Here’s what I’m looking for (God help us all right?):

Someone with previous WordPress experience (so you’re able to follow my html format easily… I’m OCD :D)

I rarely post NEGATIVE reviews of books or DNF’s so keep that in mind. (Obviously you’re welcome to post your reviews on Amazon or Goodreads and the like however you see fit)

I need to readily be able to count on YOU getting things done when I don’t.

You’re more than welcome to add your books to the Stacking the Shelves post every week and if you’re comfortable even doing vlogs. (But you must have personality – sorry. This us a requirement. If you know me at all, ‘tact’ is not something I excel in. icon wink Associate Reviewer... Partner in Crime. )

I’ll need to see previous reviews that you’ve written. If you aren’t a frequent visitor of The Bookish Brunette (dude… where have you BEEN?) then take a few hours minutes and check out how I review. You don’t have to be JUST LIKE ME, but I assume people continue coming around because I entertain them – or something… so YES again we come back to the ‘personality’ thing.

I want a PARTNER in crime, so this means I have to feel FULLY confident in leaving my blog in your hands. (which SERIOUSLY, if you’re already a book Blogger, then you know is like trusting you with my CHILDREN. Even WORSE probably- because my LuLu is “take no prisoners” dude.)

I have to trust that you wont FREAK out if I don’t email you back IMMEDIATELY, because I’m barely responsible enough to take care of myself- I cant hold your hand all day long.

Sometimes you may have to make decisions based on what YOU think I’d suggest.

“Ooooh nothing’s posting tomorrow, and I just found this awesome book to feature…but BB isn’t answering my email/text/tweet on if she thinks it’s as badass as I do… should I go ahead and post or not?”


“Hmmm this random post is scheduled to go up at midnight… and I just read that J.R. Ward’s Blay and Qhuinn book is coming out 3 months earlier than expected with *this cover*…. BB isn’t answering- should I post?”

Then there are certain authors and posts that will always take precedence. I’ll give you a list if you are chosen.

And here’s where things may get choppy- I have FAVORITE BOOKS, like we all do- if you go to the “menu tab” under “Archives” you’ll see:

Now most people like and want to see varying reviews on the same books, and I’m no different- but I’d like it to be made CLEAR that if you don’t like those particular books- you wont be announcing it HERE. The Bookish Brunette ADAMANTLY supports all the books/authors on that list, so if that’s an issue then you need not apply! icon smile Associate Reviewer... Partner in Crime.

Here at the Bookish Brunette, I review based on how much I ENJOYED a book. I’m not an editor, I didn’t go to freaking Harvard (if you did- no wonder it’s your first visit here!)… I RARELY comment on editorial mistakes (they would’ve had to AFFECT my actual ENJOYMENT of the book and be completely obvious for me to notice) I don’t worry about a comma that should’ve been HERE or THERE… and I don’t care how YOU think it should’ve been written. Until YOU write a book, and YOUR characters are telling the story, then I don’t want to hear about it. Sorry, this is how I review- and I want things to flow well.

The only ‘meme’ I steadily participate in is Stacking the Shelves (formerly known as IMM) I do have my own version of ‘Cover Crazy’ – called ‘Cover Swoon‘ and ‘Waiting on Wednesday’ – called ‘Book Stalking‘. I don’t post linky sign ups for these because they weren’t my idea, but I’m not a very good “participater” and never remember when and where anything is hosted and such… so I just did my own to post whenever I please. You’re more than welcome to post these whenever you find something in particular- the first few times I’ll want to approve your choices.

You should check some of these posts out, get a feel for what kind of books we promote and feature regularly here at The Bookish Brunette.

We concentrate MOSTLY on Young Adult books… of any genre.

But here are some HARDCORE FACTS about The Bookish Brunette blog:

  • 100% Indie Friendly
  • Reads anything from YA to Historical erotic romance (nothing is off-limits)

While I’m not terribly discriminatory (I am… actually. lol) – there are a few things that will guarantee you a spot on The Bookish Brunette:

  • A pretty cover (sorry, I’m a cover whore… you know this.)
  • more deeply, if a cover was done by Claudia McKinney of PhatPuppy Art then I don’t even have to see it before I agree to let it be featured.
  • If you are on the short list of authors I never say no to. (You know who you are)

I’ll tell you up front that I don’t want to have to beat around the bush. I’m direct and to the point, I want you to feel like you can share an idea with me- but KNOW that if I don’t like it I’m not going to pretend to. And I don’t want to worry that ive inadvertently hurt your feelings.

Technically this is a business and that’s how it should be treated. I realize I’m about the LEAST professional chick in the blogosphere- but in the end this is still my blog and I worked REALLY hard to get it where it is today.

I will NOT be choosing my new partner. I KNOW RIGHT??? What???? I’m calling in the big guns to choose for me… I’m going to ask Smash, Alexa, Angeline and a hand full of other people to look over the people/submissions that inquire about being the newest half of one of the most awesome blog’s ever- because I’m usually quick to jump in head first without weighing any of the pros and cons…

Go figure.

I’ll be straight up here- I’m TOTALLY okay with you leaving your blog and coming over to mine… right? LOL Yes… you must ALSO enjoy my dry and inappropriate sense of humor.

I THINK that’s it for now…

*edited at 2:45 pm to include*
You must be ACTIVE in the blogging community. If you aren’t NOW, that’s fine- but once you are chosen to blog here, you’ve basically signed your life away you will have to make an effort to comment on other blogs and participate in bookish events!! icon smile Associate Reviewer... Partner in Crime.

The Associate Emails shouldn’t be emailed to my primary account… they could EASILY get lost in the shuffle- seriously. So PLEASE… FOR THE LOVE OF GOD- send any and all “I want to blog with the Bookish Brunette’ to or just click the link:

Email the Bookish Brunette

More Zombie Craze tomorrow!

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 Associate Reviewer... Partner in Crime.

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16 Responses to Associate Reviewer… Partner in Crime.

  1. Piece o cake! LOL

    Much luck to you chica!

  2. Dear god, if I didn’t have a blog, I would so do this! haha.
    I love your post!
    “basically it will be like this…. if you don’t like it kiss my ASS”
    But, that is my Ashley & I love it.

    Keep rocking on!


    • See when I’m typing I feel as if I’m being SEVERELY nice and giving people the wrong idea… Then people always comment about how “no nonsense” I am! Haha!! I think I have a false sense of self here…

      • You my dear are very straight forward. That is just you. No hiding it or covering it up. I love that about you. I hate beating around the bush…
        (btw, why do people say that shit. Beating around the bush…weird…)
        I hope your process goes smoothly.
        I’m here if you need me.


  3. If I didn’t have a blog and felt that my reviews could even be half as EPIC as yours I would so totally be in!! However your type of EPIC is beyond me. I totally get what you say in your post tho and love it lol Your honesty is seriously amazing and anyone that blogs with you is sure yo be awesome!!

  4. Alexa says:

    Lol I love how you put three of us in charge of picking your associate reviewer!

    At least this time you are laying down on the line exactly what you are looking for in a reviewer and I hope that you get some great people who email you wanting to join you. Still kinda sad that what we were talking about didn’t work out but I still love you anyway.

    I could never match your EPICness!

  5. Stephanie D. says:

    I wish you all the luck, Ashley. But who could have as much personality as you???

  6. candace says:

    Good luck finding someone! I know its SO hard to keep up with things but I don’t think I could ever give up any sort of control over my baby so goodluck with managing that!

  7. Kat B says:

    Good luck! And good luck to whoever you pick ;-)

  8. ComaCalm says:

    I would totally e-mail but I’m determined to stick with my own blog right now and stop taking on so much! I hope you find someone with as awesome a personality as me. Because I’m THAT modest tra la la la la… *skips off through fields of yellow flowers*

    =^.^= ComaCalm’s Corner =^.^=

  9. This is definitely a scary decision, but when you need it, you need it. :) Good luck on your search! I’m sure your choosing committee will pick the perfect person.

  10. Good luck! I think it’s great you are looking for someone who complements you so well, this is probably the best way to go about it.

  11. That’s quite a list of requirements. I wish I met even one of them, especially the personality one. LOL

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