Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews!

armchairbea21 Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews!

For those of you who may not know, it’s BEA week in NYC!!! Or Book Expo America week, if you’re not so good with all the terms associated with the book blogging community yet! The lovely ladies over at Armchair BEA put together this awesome event for those of us who still want to celebrate BEA, even though we can’t attend! So Day 1′s agenda: Getting to know you…

Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?

I’m the Zombie Queen! icon wink Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews! Sometimes referred to as Ashley, or… that Crazy Brunette Chick.

Book blogging isn’t my first rodeo in the blogging industry actually! I blogged previous to The Bookish Brunette under another alias… Torture me if you must, but I’ll never tell!!! icon biggrin Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews!

I started book blogging because I wanted to get involved with other people who love books as much as I do!


12507214 Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews!

What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book you have read so far in 2012?

 Oooh I just finished Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin (and it was AMAZING!) …  and I’m getting ready to start Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake!


Tell us one non-book-related thing that everyone reading your blog may not know about you.

Hmmmm… I LOVE peanut butter & pickles… Seriously, try it!! It’s YUMMY!

I have an addiction to stilettos, and an aversion to flat shoes.

I’m a TEENSY, TINY… LITTLE bit obsessed with zombies.

I’m a bookmark whore. I LOVE them!


zombie craze 2012 sidebar Custom Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews!

What is your favorite feature on your blog (i.e. author interviews, memes, something specific to your blog)?

Zombie Craze is definitely my favorite ‘feature’ (more like SUPER EPIC event… just sayin).


Have your reading tastes changed since you started blogging? How?

Oh YES! Not purposely… but I read A LOT more YA now than I used to! I read more YA now, than I did when I WAS a young adult! I still occasionally try to sneak in something like J.R. Ward or Lori Foster, you know, because I’m a grown up and all! icon smile Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews!


Blog Signature Ash Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews!

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 Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews!
Book loving, zombie freak, stiletto wearing, twitter whore, coffee addicted Brunette with a purse fetish. Collector of flamingo paraphernalia & zombie keepsakes… Frequenter of thrift stores... cRaFtY bitch... and I match my eye-shadow to my outfit - everyday.
 Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews!

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42 Responses to Armchair BEA 2012: Interviews!

  1. Sam @ The Little Munchkin Reader says:

    Hello Zombie Queen :)
    Lovely to meet you.
    Girl of Nightmares has a BEAUTIFUL cover. Might have to add that to my TBR.
    Oh, and here’s my introduction post.

  2. Your summer theme design is adorable. Masque of the Red Death was super good. I’m the opposite on the shoe spectrum. I love my ballet flats! I try to sneak in some adult fic. books as well, but find I have very little time for it with all the YA I read.

  3. You’re still a young adult in my eyes… :) I WANT TO BE A YOUNG ADULT AGAIN. LOL!

  4. Felicia says:

    You are the following titles also: Awesome Chic, Rock Star, Graphic Genius, and Friend :)

    I would say nice to get to know you but instead I am going to say finish The Hunt so we can talk!

  5. Peanut Butter and Pickles??? Ummm, I don’t know…. Zombie Craze is an EPIC feature!

    My boring compared to yours ,intro

  6. I’ve been dying to read Masque of the Red Death and may have to move it up the TBR mountain now. :) Stiletos are awesome, as long as you aren’t almost 6 feet tall like I am. LOL I prefer sandals. (I actually had to bend my knees for my wedding photos so I wouldn’t tower over the hubby! EEK!)

  7. I am sooooo jealous. I live in NY but couldn’t afford the vig for BEA passes. I’ll have to start saving up for next year.

  8. Karin says:

    I love zombies, too!!! But, we don’t have the love of stilettos in common! I’d kill myself in those things. Have fun this week during Armchair BEA. Oh! Did you do your blog design? I love your zombie queen character.

    • I did do my blog design!! Thank you so much!!! I’ve been practicing in stilettos for a long time now… So I’ve pretty much got it DOWN!

      You love zombies too?? Where have you BEEN all my life?! ;)

  9. Love the interview answers chick!! I love tall shoes too because I am only just over 5 feet tall. I am now kind of addicted to pickles and peanut butter thanks to you. Lol!! It really is awesome!

  10. Oh I loved Masque and yeah you get to read girl of Nightmares. So want LOL
    Loved the zombie queen.

  11. smiling_ina says:

    Oh gosh, I am dying to read Masque of the Red Death and Girl of Nightmares!!! I absolutely LOVED Anna Dressed In Blood. It was one of my favorite reads of last year, for sure!!! :)

    Have a great ArmchairBEA week!!! :)

  12. My husband would LOVE you! His favourite sandwich is PB & pickles. He’s always on my case to try it, but I haven’t ventured past a small bite. Of course, my mom used to have mustard sandwiches, so I guess this is a step up!

    I love bookmarks, too! But I rarely have one … Actually, having my Kobo makes me sad because I can’t use a physical bookmark for it! Maybe that’s why I prefer actual books? :)

  13. Ashleigh says:

    Hi Zombie Queen/Ashley! Fellow Ashleigh here (though I get the funky spelling–I can’t tell you how many times it’s been misspelled and how much it drives me bonkers). I didn’t care much for Masque of the Red Death myself (it had all the right elements to make me like it, but they didn’t come together as well as I wanted them to), but I’m so envious you got a copy of Girl of Nightmares. When I asked the publisher for one, they told me no because my blog is still to small. I had a sad that day.

    ANYWAY, stiletto buddies! No one I know gets my love of high heels. It’s kind of fun walking around my family while I’m wearing stilettos and watching them shake their heads wondering how I do it. Eh, I guess it was a trait from my grandmother that skipped my mom.

    (And sorry about all the parenthetical asides. They’re one of my little things I don’t know how to stop doing.)

  14. Sarah says:

    Yayyyy ZOMBIES!

    I don’t know if I can ever bring myself to try peanut butter and pickles… I mean I like them both, but together just sounds horrid!

    Happy ABEA!

  15. Katrina says:

    I just bought Anna Dressed in Blood. I’m hoping to have it read before Girl of NIghtmares comes out.

    Hmm pickles & peanut butter. I guess I need to add this to my list of things to try. I’m sure I’ll get funny looks from the fam. But who cares.

    Love your zombie queen. My son is infatuated with zombies. There’s always a zombie war going on at any given moment at my house. :P

  16. I love heels too! But during the day I’m more of a converse girl. Your blog header is really cute! I never thought of having a different header for the seasons, but I like the idea. Blogging got me into more YA too. I was getting bored of the typical Chick Lit book where the character hates her job and her bf’s cheating on her and she has to rediscover herself. I’d rather go on an adventure with Katniss in a new world. -Melissa @Harley Bear Book Blog

  17. Ryan says:

    I’m not a huge zombie fan but I loved Raising Stony Mayhall by David Gregory, but I loved his other two books as well. Hope you have a great week.

  18. Jae says:

    I love your header! Reading at the beach is one of the most amazing things in the world! Oh and I’m obsessed with bookmarks too, I’ve got tons of them floating around.

  19. Oh shyte. LOVE the new layout. Seriously. All time favorite. I do <3 flamingoes. I even have a few (plastic) in the front yard, even though the HOA says they are tacky and need to be removed. (I told them they can bite me cuz the birds are staying.) And I think they are not tacky, they are whimsical. =)

    I don't even know why you bothered to post an introduction. Everyone already knows how awesome you/your blog is!

    The Flashlight Reader

  20. Oh, and I think the BB at the beach is rather funny/ironic since you’re in KS. And I live at the beach and refuse to go… But I’m making it a personal goal to visit the beach this summer. I even have a tan line now! Whoop

  21. sarabara081 says:

    LOL I kove that you said under something we don’t know about you, that you are a teeny bit obsessed with zombies. hehe

    I used to love love love high heel shoes! But unfortunately, I have nowhere to wear them anymore. BOO!

    I am so very jealous you will be reading Girl of Nightmares! I am very excited to hear how it is! :)

    My intro!

  22. Heidi says:

    Aww that was fun! Who knew pickles and peanut butter…hmm I like pickles and cheese sandwiches with some mayo…try it! A book mark whore…post a pic of your collection. Yes,the zombie craze was epic! You rocked it!

  23. Bob says:

    All Hail the Zombie Queen. With all the face eating, intestine throwing, brain consuming mayhem going on you really need to get your subjects in control.

    I’m glad you’re doing Armchair BEA, we need more Zombie love. I’m gong to have a bit of Zombie fun this week with a guest post and giveaway from Mark Tufo and Tantor Audio, the author/publisher of the Zombie Fallout series. Should be fun.

    Hope you have a great fun filled week.

  24. .Ambur. says:

    So glad to hear that you loved Masque of the Red Death! :D I really need to read that one soon! haha :D

    I love pickles and I love peanut butter….never put them together before though. I think I’ll keep them separate for now. :P I do love bananas and peanut butter though…and peanut butter toast with strawberries cut up on top…peanut butter is just delicious! haha I’m also a bookmark whore…I love them! I don’t even use them all. I just hoard them mostly. :D haha

    Thanks for sharing a little bit more about yourself! :D It’s great to get to know more about you and to see you at Armchair BEA, too! :D
    My Armchair BEA Introductions Post

  25. stephanie says:

    haha Zombie Queen, love it!
    It’s so great to meet you!!
    Hope you have a great Armchair BEA week!
    Here’s my post:

    xo Stephanie

  26. Suey says:

    Okay, so I must admit, I’m not getting the whole zombie thing. You’ll have to enlighten me! :) And is that Girl of Nightmares book an Anna sequel? I”m reading Anna right now, my first e-reader book. Well, here’s hoping you have a blast this lovely ABEA week!

  27. Wait… what? You got the Girl of Nightmares? I so need! NEEDS I tells ya! ;D

    And peanut butter and pickles? Does it taste like brraaaaiiinnnnnnsssssss? ;D

  28. StuckInBooks says:

    Crazy Brunette Chick or CBC for short????

    Peanut butter & pickles???? Seriously girl????

    Um stiletto???? You are just toooooo cool for me to talk to #GirlInFlats

    Well maybe we can talk about YA since its fab!

    Thanks for participating!

    Here’s my intro


  29. michelle A says:

    Hey chicken,

    I have the Masque here to read, so looking forward to it. Shall crack open soon:D

    Always a pleasure seeing what you are writing about:D


  30. Hey there.
    Sexy Zombie Queen ;-)
    It’s so nice to fucking meet you.

    ok I so need to try the pickle shananagins! (sp?) ha
    I go to do it then get all freaked out about it.

    I am so doing this too. Come meet me! !!!!!

    <3 you

  31. Alexa says:

    Lol I think I knew most of that about you other than the peanut butter and pickles…don’t think that one is for me since I hate pickles.

    Sorry you didn’t get to go to BEA this year. I’m going to ALA in a few weeks so hopefully I can bring you back something from there!

    I love the new header btw!

  32. Loving the summer theme, Ash! And I’m green at what an artist you are!! I want to read MASQUE this week because Bethany’s coming to the area for a signing! Peanut butter, YES! I love heels, but I own more thicker heels than I do stilettos…and I can’t wear most of them because there are no open-toed shoes at work, boo! *loves her shoes* I’m with you! I read so much more YA now than I ever did before!

  33. So I was going to comment that we have the same name, and as I kept reading it appears our similarities TOTALLY stop there: I can’t stand pickles or peanut butter! I can’t wear stilettos (mostly because of massive ankle problems) and live in flats/flat shoes, I’ve actually never read a zombie book (working on changing that…) and don’t care for bookmarks, really — they’re pretty, but I usually use receipts haha. Gotta love diversity! I’ve been hearing great things about Masque and hope to read it soon, though it’s got a massive hold at the library so it’ll be awhile :(

    Happy Armchair BEA, and lovely to meet you!
    My Armchair BEA Intro

  34. Hi Ashley {waves}

    I have only recently started to read Zombie books and have quite enjoyed them..

    I can’t wait to get started on Girl of Nightmares, I loved Anna Dressed in Blood.

    My Introduction –

    PS. Love your summer themed header!!

  35. Awesome answers :)

    PB & Pickles? I need to try that.

  36. Hey chick! Nice to see you at Armchair BEA! :)

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